Awesome Sony SBH50 Bluetooth Headset (Using NFC Technology) Will Set You Free From Your Phablet, Somewhat…

A stereo Bluetooth headset.

A stereo Bluetooth headset. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After watching the commercial on Sony SBH50 Bluetooth headset (using NFC tech), I have to say I’m drooling for one.  Sure, the price tag of whatever is never a pleasant thing, but me me me see what a beautiful way to relinquish that cumbersome smartphone.  When it comes to a smartphone, some people like it big like a tablet so they can call it as a phablet.  I do like to have a phablet moment too, but there are times that I just want to be free from a phablet (i.e., smartphone with big screen) completely.  I can see that Sony SBH50 Bluetooth headset is definitely going to set some people free from a phablet (somewhat… as NFC has a wireless range limit), and hopefully this thing will be just as awesome as how it’s being advertised.  Check out Sony SBH50 Bluetooth headset (using NFC tech) video right after the break, and you will see what I mean as this little gorgeous player does a lot more than just being NFC poster whatever.

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Sony Hints PS4 Will Be Released In 2013’s Holiday Season; PS4 Is A Beast…

Sony Playstation 1 CPU

Sony Playstation 1 CPU (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To say the least, I’m not sure that all the specs that are being revealed for PlayStation 4 will be set in stone since PS4 will be released when again?  Yep, Sony isn’t giving out the exact date for the release of PS4, but it seems that Sony hints that PS4 will be ready for the holiday season of 2013.  Which holiday again?  Anyhow, even though we may not know the real specs when PS4 indeed rolls out, but we know that it’s powerful enough to render a head of an old man which is so fantastical real.  Don’t take my word for it, watch the video right after the break and you will know what I mean.

According to’s “PlayStation 4: Specs, Features, Games, Graphics, Release Date – Everything You Need To Know In One Place” article, PS4 specs might look like this:

  • 8 cores CPU (64 bit)
  • GPU with 1.84 TFLOPS AMD next-generation Radeon based graphic card
  • 8 GB GDDR5 RAM
  • Built-in hard disk
  • Blu-ray support
  • USB 3.0
  • Gigabit Ethernet support
  • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n wireless support
  • Bluetooth 2.1 support
  • HDMI support

Unfortunately, RedmonPie did not mention anything in regarding to PS4 supports 802.11ac wireless.  We know that 802.11ac wireless is the fastest wireless for now.  If PS4 isn’t going to support the fastest wireless standard, then it would be a big let down in my opinion.  Other than this, I think PS4 is definitely a beast.

RedmonPie also reported that PS4 won’t support PS3 game titles, this means there is a breakaway from game backward compatibility for PS4.  It’s rather unfortunate, because PS3 does have great games too.

As of now, nobody knows how much PS4 will cost, but I hope it will cost around $300 and not a lot more than this price target.  Still though, I’m not going to be surprise if Sony will sell PS4 at even more expensive price at first, because PS4 is a beast.  Anyhow, how much do you think PS4 should cost?  $300?  $400?  On the release date, at what price PS4 would be a temptation that you cannot do without?


Sony Says No To Pay For 3D-Glasses Cost

According to source here, Sony refuses to pay for the cost of 3D-glasses, wanting the theater owners to foot the bills.  I wonder will other studios follow suit?  Anyhow, I can’t understand why theater owners are slow to react to the future!  They need to push for glassless 3D theater screens.  After all, I keep hearing about new glassless 3D big screen TVs.

Personally, I dislike the 3D glasses.  It’s like one size fit all solution which isn’t so for me!  I have myopia, and so I have to wear my prescription glasses under the 3D glassess.  It isn’t so good for me when I’ve to adjust my 3D glasses all the time to even feel comfortable watching the 3D movies in theaters.  I’m sure others are experiencing the same thing.  Do you?


Sony’s Playstation Network Is Still Offline?

I haven’t touched my PS3 for ages, because I was so occupied with books, movies, Starcraft 2, writing articles, writing my books, and so on.  This is why the news of PS3 gamers could not connect to Sony’s Playstation Network has not affected me much.  Nonetheless, it’s a very big deal for many PS3 gamers, because they cannot play multiplayer online games with each other.  Luckily, watching Netflix using PS3 is probably still working, because Netflix app on PS3 probably isn’t tied to Sony’s Playstation Network.

Sony has decided to take down Playstation Network to rebuild its network so hackers won’t be able to hack it so easily the next time around.  Unknown hacker (or hackers) was successfully penetrated Playstation Network.  Sony says it isn’t sure yet what confidential information were compromised.  On various threads, the Xbox fans are making fun at the PS3 fans, and PS3 fans are fighting back with more strong words.  Since Sony took down its Playstation Network, words have had gotten nastier.

Agreeing with a commenter who has a comment under Yahoo’s article here — personally, I don’t care, because all gaming consoles have their own advantages and disadvantages.  Certain exclusive games are can only be played on certain console games exclusively, and this is why some people prefer to have more than one gaming console.  Let just hope that Playstation Network will get back online, because we know Sony is working hard to build a new version of Playstation Network and rebuilding its network structure.  For now, I may do some real physical exercise with my personal trainer on my Xbox 360/Kinect.


Microsoft Condones The Act Of Untethering Its Kinect

The Microsoft Kinect peripheral for the Xbox 360.

The Microsoft Kinect peripheral for the Xbox 360. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Microsoft’s Kinect is the new rage that one could say the technology itself may turn the tide in which Microsoft emerges victory against its long critics that the company had stagnated from moving forward in innovation.  Since the births of iPod Touch and iPhone, iPad and swamps of new tablets, Kindle and Nook, Microsoft had stuck with Vista and Windows 7 as the company’s way of moving forward by improving its operating system, its newer version of Microsoft Office products as a way of improving problem solving products for office workers and corporates.  Xbox 360 from Microsoft had long been considered an inferior to Playstation 3 by many hardcore console gamers and prospects.  In the smart phone industry, Microsoft was far behind Apple and RIM and others, but Windows Phone 7 is coming to rescue Microsoft in this arena just this year.  Strangely, on the same note, just this year Kinect makes its debut which makes one thinks Microsoft may have the best year yet, a year of which its rivals hate most as if Microsoft has been saving the bests till now for some cynical purposes.  I forgot to mention Microsoft’s IE9 has good reviews so far that may rescue IE from the scorns of others who have had pointed out IE has been an inferior to rivals such as Firefox and Safari and Chrome and Opera.  In a sense, Microsoft is looking brighter with its upcoming innovations.

In all of the exciting upcoming innovations or re-introduction of its former innovations with enhancements, I believe Kinect will be something that Microsoft is going to be proud and profited from for a long time to come.  Just recently, Microsoft comes out with statement that it does not condone the act of hacking its Kinect as Adafruit, open source hardware developers, created a challenge where hackers could receive $3000 from a success of creating an open source driver for Kinect which allows almost all capable compatible devices to interact and use Kinect for communication purposes and gaming.  In an astounding of doing an about-face, Microsoft comes out again and reverses its crying of not condoning the hacking of its Kinect, instead Microsoft is hopeful and supporting the hacks of its Kinect such as the creation of open source driver for Kinect.

One has to question why Microsoft is doing such an about-face?  In everything, a business has to see some profit in order for a reversal of a former mold to be happened.  I think Microsoft is wearied of its competitors such as Apple, Google, RIM, Sony, Nintendo, and others so the company decides to allow its new-found innovation (i.e., Kinect) to be more widely adopted.  Microsoft knows the idea and the power that allow everyone to use Kinect for purposes of commanding any device to listen to humans at the wimps of physical gestures and body movements and voice recognition — a great power that is so innovative and so profitable for Kinect and Microsoft as if Kinect itself can make Microsoft a hub of innovation again in the technological world.  A free advertising for other unrelated products from Microsoft through the hope of the admiration from fans for Kinect?  In a weird and oddly way, Kinect may help Microsoft regains its reputation of being the innovator, rivals such as Sony may feel somewhat happy for Microsoft has came out and condone the act of hacking Kinect.  Sony’s Playstation 3 users who wish to marry Kinect with PS3 now have hope for such a marriage since someone could come up with a driver between the two will be able to do so since Microsoft is condoning the act.  With that example, Sony and others may not feel so threaten by Kinect for their products too can use Kinect — their customers do not have to leave their platforms altogether just because Kinect changes the game somehow.  Source.