Will Humans Go The Way of The Horses?

I just watched this video, and it’s an old video from the year 2018. We’re now on the second day of the year 2021, and I really can’t imagine how even more efficient in speed and the level of automation has had occurred in the factory in which the video right after the break reveals. The question is, will humans go the way of the horses in the future? Hmm… I think that we can automate pretty much everything except for human intuition and creativity. Well, just maybe not yet!

To Fly Or Not To Fly, It’s One’s Own Decision (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

Here I spread my wings, preparing to fly,
by my side, she felt dire,
I asked her “My dear, are you ready to fly?”
she said “Why, me why?”
I told her “It’s a different world up high,”
but she said she got a different world inside,
I asked her “Why don’t you fly?”
She said “You don’t know me inside,”
my wings were spreading wide,
her wings were nowhere in sight,
to up high I flew high,
staring down, seeing her looking up at the sky,
finally, her world and mine were different in height,
but I could feel she was so happy inside,
thus I knew I was forcing her inside,
one should only fly when wings spread wide,
otherwise one could be just all right!
Her world and mine were never meant to collide,
my wings spread wide up in the sky,
she ran hard on the ground just to see me flew up high,
I flew hard and mighty high,
she ran hard with a hearty smile,
it was me forcing her inside,
but she was fine all along, on the ground and inside.