Machines Versus Wo/Men In Creating Music

Artificial intelligence algorithms are now beginning to dabble with making music.  Well, these software are not only producing beats but they’re composing lyrics and whatnot as if the humans are doing these things themselves.  This is scary, because musicians may have to compete not only against other humans but also against machines to produce awesome music.  Nonetheless, I think the humans will have an edge over machines in this artistic realm, because humans tend to do better in term of creating something that is soulful.  For an example, I doubt an artificial machine can write a song that is beautifully written to touch a human soul, because artificial intelligence may not have any experience in a real world in which a moving situation would occur.  With that being said, I could be wrong, because artificial intelligence after all is being created in human images, thus if the algorithms are smart enough they can just produce something that as beautiful as we have created.   Anyhow, check out few songs that are already written and produced by artificial intelligence right after the break.  Enjoy!

Afterthought:  If one day a machine can create something truly random — which is kind of unreasonable since algorithm may have to stick to the rules — perhaps then a machine can actually randomly create something that is way more creative than how the humans could have done.  Come to think of randomness, I wonder, can humans’ imaginations actually be random?  After all, we humans exist in a physical world in which physics rules and laws are governing our every actions.  Perhaps, we like to think we could be more creative than artificial intelligence since we can make something radically random which may be very creative, but gravity can humble us since our imaginations cannot really exist outside of rules and laws that permit a brain to exist in the first place.  I think random could be an illusion, because whatever possible is already existed before humankind, and only by through the illusion of the brain that we think we create something.  In truth, I think we only discover the things that are already permissible.

Watch Dogs 2’s 13 Minutes Gameplay – First Look Before The Release Of The Game In Mid November

Watch Dogs 2 release date is November 15, 2016.  A month and twenty something days to go, and so it’s not too far out before we can get our hands on this awesome game.  I played Watch Dogs 1, and I loved it.  I think I’ll like Watch Dogs 2, but you never know.  Sometimes, you expect a game to be good, but it may turn out to be just so so.  Anyway, I like what I’m seeing so far in the video right after the break.  Check out 13 minutes of Watch Dogs 2 gameplay in the video right after the break.  Enjoy!