Nio’s Battery Swapping Versus Tesla’s Charging Station, Which Is Better?

If Nio can improve the range of Nio cars’ batteries by a lot, then Nio’s battery swapping stations will make Nio cars the king of electric vehicle market! Right now, Nio plans to install more battery swapping stations across China! This means more Chinese Nio car owners will not have to wait for their cars to be charged up because battery swapping takes only around three to four minutes of wait time. Check out the video right after the break to see Nio’s battery swapping in action.

So, if Nio cars can run on a longer range battery, Nio car owners don’t have to visit battery swapping station that often. With less Nio cars to have battery swapped out in Nio’s battery swapping station, the less crowded the battery swapping station can be — meaning the atmosphere can be more relaxing and friendly!

This is why I think as long Nio can improve the battery range of Nio cars, the better prospect of a battery swapping station as the default mode for getting an EV onto the road could become. I think at the moment, battery swapping station is already superior to any charging station out there. This is why I think Tesla has got to watch out for Nio because Nio could make Tesla’s charging station a big negative for upcoming EV owners in China.

My Heart Is Tingling With Joy, But Will Not Sing Unless The Price Tag For The First Solar-Powered Kindle Cover Prices At A More Reasonable Price

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Nothing makes my heart tingling more with joy than having electronic devices that aren’t so depending on the traditional power sources.  For an instance, keyboard that is powered by solar cells would be something that I won’t hesitate in having to yearn for.  Now, my heart just a tad happier than usual since there is now a Kindle cover which uses solar cells for powering the Kindle, and this solar-powered Kindle cover will make its appearance in CES 2012.

I’m a Kindle user, and my Kindle rocks in term of lasting for days if not a week before I even think about recharging it.  Nonetheless, the idea of prolonging the Kindle’s battery life per charging cycle even much much more, to a point of forgetfulness is almost making my heart sings.  Why almost?  Unfortunately, this solar-powered Kindle cover will cost around $79.99.  You can check out this solar-powered Kindle cover at


Car Owners To Sell Back Surplus Energy To Power Companies?

A wholesaler in the energy market is teaming up with University of Delaware to form a new company which aims to bring electric cars that allow car owners to sell back the surplus of electric generation to the power companies.  How are they going to do that is beyond my knowledge, but these folks seem to be pretty sure that they can bring this technology to the mass very soon.  According to professor Willett Kempton, who came up with the concept, says that 30% of all the cars in the United States use this technology will be able to produce the same capacity of all electric generation within the United States.  It’s a bold claim, but I like it.


LCD Displays Are Now Can Be Used To Charge And Recycle Energy For Plethora Of Compatible Devices

NPR has a piece on professor Yang Yang of UCLA, lead researcher in charging devices with LCD displays, and his team of researchers claim that they have discovered a way to allow LCD displays to recycle energy and recharge devices using solar power at the same time.  Don’t underestimate this technology, because any device with LCD display can be recharged by using solar power.  Furthermore, this same technology allows devices to use solar power and other energy means more effectively since the LCD screen features a function which devices can recycle energy effectively, consequently leading to using less energy than ever before even though technically the devices can demand the same or even more energy as usual.  The challenges for profesor Yang Yang and his team of researchers are not to downgrade LCD image quality and how to bring their discovery to the market effectively so the mass can take advantages of this new discovery/technology.  Check out the link below to play the audio or read more about professor Yang Yang’s project.

A Quick Look At i.Sound Portable Power Max 16,000 mAh

The i.Sound Portable Power Max is a 14 ounce battery charger that can charge up to five USB devices.  This bad boy has 16000 mAh of power, and so it has enough power to charge five USB devices at the same time without charging itself for couple hours.  Only have one USB device?  i.Sound claims using this battery charger would keep such a device alive for 480 hours, but I think they mean if you only charge one USB device for that duration.

I don’t think there is something that can pack as much power as this portable battery charger for now.  Then again, if you know something packs even more power than this one, please feel free to let me know in the comments.  Since this bad boy can pack so much power on the go, it’s logical to recharge this bad boy at home or in office when all of your USB devices are already fully charged.

Surprisingly, several online stores list this bad boy at $125 and less.  Some other online stores even have better price tags for this bad boy such as $75.  In this instance, Amazon lists this bad boy at $81.99.  I think if you’re looking around you may even be able to find it to be even cheaper.  Do you have i.Sound Portable Power Max 16,000 mAh, and how do you like it?  Please share your experience about this device in the comments so everyone will know either they should avoid or stockpile the device for their own use.