China Amazing Growth Pushes American Companies To Go To China

Foreigners are trying to break into China’s market everyday, but not everything is easy with China.  Meanwhile Chinese most creative and big companies are trying to go global.  When modern China was young, she could not be so innovative since everything had gotten to be learned and copied.  Fortunately, China has been growing so fast that she could fast-track her learning and copying stage to innovation stage.  Right now as China tries to go global, she is also trying to become evermore innovative.  She invests in innovative talents in all sorts of fields such as industrial designs, brand building, and whatnot.  As China’s economy continues to grow bigger than ever, more foreign companies are vigorously trying to break into Chinese market to grab the ferocious growth of the world’s most populous country.  It seems American companies are also competing with other foreign companies in trying to capture the Chinese market.  Check out the video right after the break to see how American companies are trying to make their fortunes in China.


The Great Experimentation

worldmap, world map, maps of world

worldmap, world map, maps of world (Photo credit: nsikander28)

The world is getting smaller not because of a freak accident which shrinks the earth, but it’s because of how us humans, across all races, have begun to utilize technology such as the Internet to explore culture differences among world cultures.  As time goes on, I think more people will try to experience the culture differences among world cultures even more; technology of the future will make the whole process fluid.  As cross culture experiences become the great experimentation, will this change world politics?

Perhaps, one day, whether we like it or not, the great experimentation will become the norm to the point that politics among countries might be of little differences and more of the same.  Politics among the world might find it is hard to not stick their nose in each other’s politics.  Perhaps, self-ruled nations’ sovereignties will become less important?  What if we take the pessimistic point of view, will the great experimentation present a much more chaotic world order where cultural differences might instigate hatreds and violences?

Of course, nobody knows how the future will turn out, but we can pick and choose a trend to foolishly make a prediction of what the future might be.  Nonetheless, I think the great experimentation is already happening as we speak.  The advancement of technology is transforming humans’ earthly society as we speak.  Society of today is behaving quite different from the society of the past, but tomorrow will be even of a greater difference.

Technology such as the Internet has already allowed us humans to either isolate ourselves from real life experiences or vice versa, depending on how an individual uses the Internet.  One example would be, she wants to meet more strangers therefore she joins an Internet social circle on a popular dating website.  Another example would be, he is an introvert therefore he plays games all day and only interacts with online gamers through voice chat.

In politics though, I think if more people are going to prioritize peace over war, more people of the world will sing a similar tune and play a similar beat, therefore more people will have a familiar political point of view.  The question is, can technology go so far to the point of instigating peoples of the world to forgo political differences and melt their cultural experiences into one?  Will extreme violence come first before the great experimentation becomes the norm?

Whether one likes the idea of a smaller world or not, it’s already happening.  The ultimate fear is that, it might be happening in a very apocalyptic way.  If the world is getting smaller in a good way, not detrimentally affecting the peoples of the world, peace might reign supreme and more good things will come, politically or not.  Thanks to technology?

RC Car Runs And Charges On Water Fuel Source

Whenever I see this I go crazy!  OK, what on earth I’m dabbling about?  Crazy what?  It’s about the RC car which runs on water.  No, it’s not running over the water like a magician’s illusion, but it’s a miracle still to see RC car uses water as a fuel source.  This sort of nagging me why we can’t do the same for real cars?  Imagine how much more energy independence we can be as a society if we can use water as a fuel source!

OK, I already hear that some people might just go crazy over this idea in a very bad way.  Some people might not like this idea at all since water supposes to be a very important fuel source for humans, therefore we should not use it as a fuel source for cars.  For an example, foods should not be a source of fuel for anything but humans.

Nonetheless, I don’t suggest that water should be the only fuel source for cars.  Instead, I think our cars should be adaptable in a way that our cars should be able to be powered by many fuel sources in a combination or not.  For an example, if gasoline is available, then a car should be able to move about with just gasoline fuel source, but when gasoline fuel source got low, it should also be able to switch on its battery fuel source or water fuel source or whatever fuel source (or switching on all fuel source — not hybrid but it’s like many-many-brid).

Anyhow, I think if we’re too depending on a single fuel source for our whatever needs, we will be in trouble since all fuel sources do have their limitations.  Even the sun would die when its fuel sources run out!  Check out the video which shows an RC car that can be charged and ran on water fuel source right after the break.  By the way, this RC car could also be controlled by a smartphone app.

Fiction Now, But Humans Tend To Realize Dreams! Androidize The Planet Earth And Beyond?

Imagine one day, the animation that is being depicted within YouTube’s “Kara: a PS3 new technology” video becomes real, what will be of such a future?  Out it leaps into reality where the line between a human and android becomes really blurry!  Of course, humans, the master of the planet earth with ambition to colonize the universe, will fear of androids’ potentials.  The obvious fear of them all would be the androids enslave the former masters of theirs.  Of course, at the moment, we humans do not have such fears yet since our computers, robots, and all do not know the difference between what make life bitter and what make life sweeter.  What if the automatons to become so self-aware?  Will their enlightenment drive the current planet earth master to the brink of The Matrix (the movie)?

English: drunken androids .. you kinda have to...

English: drunken androids .. you kinda have to see it. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Perhaps, the humans will get very lucky for awhile as all androids will obediently be subservient to their masters even though they know what it means to be a slave.  Perhaps, humans are so inventive to a point of having androids bear seeds so fruits can come to life to continue the long line of planet earth master?  Seeds and fruits? Imagine android, smart or not, self-aware or not, be able to carry a female productive system at all time as female eggs (in relation to human reproductive system) were preemptively prepared for a human creation.  Imagine humans will go as far as to prepare the sperms inside so called male android just so it would be able to copulate with so called female android that has eggs in order for a human creation process to begin.  Perhaps, humans become so lazy to a point that they will prefer androids to make babies altogether.  Sex acts will only be reserved for entertainment purpose.  Since sex acts become for entertainment only, it might not matter a human will copulate with an android or just another human.

Then there is this question, what if scenario… with advance android surrogate reproductive system, will the human reproduction process becomes evermore perfect (less of a hassle and painless in relation of a human mother has to go through to bear a child) and healthier?  What if it is, what will be the side effects in term of soul searching?  Will religions be against this?  Can abortion be questionable when androids become the surrogate mothers and fathers?

The conclusion is, everything about this is very intriguing to us all.  We will never know android fiction will ever come true.  If this sort of fiction to become the reality of tomorrow, human society will transform beyond our current imagination.  Perhaps, whatever humans choose to believe and take action for, fiction will eventually materialize.  Few examples are, the moon landing, nuclear power and weapons, and computing.  In the end, I think we all should be very careful about what we wish for and what actions we want to take upon according to our wishes and imagination.  Once the Pandora’s box is opened, it’s really hard to close if not impossible!

Will We Be Able To Zip Around Cities On Hover Bikes As If We’re The Jedi On Speeder Bikes?

One day, we may be able to hover like a young Jedi on a speeder bike.  OK, I’m not spilling garbage or idiotic dream, because a man in Australia is building a hover bike which flies up to 173 mile per hour and at 3,000 meter height.  Check out the source article right after the break for more detail on the man and his hover bike creation.


Aren’t We Too Eager To Throw Away The New To Make Way For The Newer?

Verschillende handhelds bij elkaar: Game Boy A...

Verschillende handhelds bij elkaar: Game Boy Advance SP (2x), Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, Sony PSP en Nokia 6630 Smart Phone. Foto zelf gemaakt. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes I feel we are too eager to throw away the new to make way for the newer.  The truth is I too have bought into the whole trend, and probably continuing to do so unless one day I wake up to find the world of technology has suddenly got a facelift.  You will know where I’m going with my ramble if you have already owned a smart phone.  Instead of trying to maximize the lifespan of our smart phones, we often decide to buy newer ones since newer ones usually come out with better and more features.  Sometimes, the smart phone designers, manufacturers, developers, promoters are too eager to roll out newer models of smart phone that encourage users to upgrade, therefore we often see smart phones that are working perfectly fine and only a year old or so find their future in the electronic recycling bins and dumpsters.

Perhaps, there isn’t anything wrong with how we are using our electronics today since at least we’re recycling our electronic wastes.  Nonetheless, I’ve often wondered many possible fictional outcomes if we had gone with the electronic usage trend which would partake on allowing the users to only upgrade and modularize their electronics.  Of course, it would not make sense to do this if upgrading and modularizing electronics are much more expensive than otherwise.  Plus, upgrading and modularizing really tiny electronic devices might be possible but rather almost impossible for regular users who just want to have something that works.  Upgrading and modularizing do sound like extra hard work, therefore people might not want to even think about such things.  Nonetheless, what if we do have commercial services that eager to provide upgrade and modularization of electronics for cheap — or at least to make it more affordable than just buying brand new?  We have seen how people love to upgrade their desktops, laptops, but why do most mobile products such as smart phone cannot be modularized?

Besides the reasons such as affordability, we also have concerns about electronic wastes and how electronic wastes might damage our environment and the health of the people who are actually working to get rid of the electronic wastes.  This begs the question of, will upgrade and modularization encourage a greener environment and less health hazardous working conditions for the workers who are responsible for getting rid of the electronic wastes?  I will not know, and I love to know.  In the end, I picture that one day we may have all in one product which can do everything pretty much — as in things that electronics do and not things that electronics don’t.  For example, we can’t expect electronics to breathe oxygen literally.  Even so, I fear electronics might one day breathe oxygen literally to power themselves, and such a day would be a sight to behold.

Back to the idea of all in one product (electronics) — perhaps such thing will be possible since it’s making more sense to not have to worry about carrying the weights, worrying about losing the things, and so much more if the all in one product turns out to be a robot, right?  I imagine a robot can be a companion, yet it can also be a smart phone, computer, maid, search engine, projector, and so much more.  With a robot following you everywhere you want it to, why would you want to carry a smart phone, a computer, a maid, a projector, and so on?  With a robot, you don’t even have to worry about misplacing it!  So, I think a natural progression of our electronic evolution, robotic industry has got to be the next biggest thing, yet!!!   Plus, it makes more sense to upgrade and modularize a robot than a smart phone.