Is China Using The Opportunity of Electrifying Its Transportation Systems To Dominate 5G Market?

Why China is so intense in promoting electric cars over gasoline guzzled cars? I think there are more than a few incentives for China to promote electric cars over gasoline guzzled cars! The first incentive is so obvious that I don’t even need to talk about but I’m going to anyway.

Firstly, China has a very big pollution problem! Although China is no longer having the most polluted cities in the world since India is now taking over this top spot, nonetheless China is still seeing Chinese big, busied cities are being polluted by coal and gasoline heavy usages. The Chinese government has continually battled pollution by shutting down companies’ plants that rely on coals. Now, China pushes the pollution war ahead by promoting electric cars over gasoline cars. Meanwhile, China is heavily building more renewable energy sources such as wind farms, nuclear power plants, solar farms, and whatnot.

Secondly, China wants to control the auto industry market better since China got a bigger middle class than anyone else. This means China wants to see homegrown champions in car making and other automobile vehicles. This means China wants to have a stronger foothold in producing automobile vehicles, but the United States and Western countries are expert in making traditional automobile vehicles such as gasoline and diesel ones. Since China cannot compete directly against the West in making traditional vehicles, and so China is promoting electric vehicles to push homegrown automobile vehicle making companies to leapfrog the Western automobile companies in automobile technology through electric vehicles.

Thirdly, China knows that when there are more electric vehicles on the roads and highways, the transportation system needs to be upgraded to become more futuristic. For example, electric vehicles of the future could be driverless and so each of these vehicles needs to communicate with each other and also to the transportation system itself. This is why China is heavily pushing for 5G. With 5G technology through homegrown companies such as Huawei, China can push for electric, driverless vehicles and smart transportation systems without worrying about the feasibility of vehicle safety since 5G will speed up the data communication between the nodes/vehicles on smart, futuristic transportation systems.

I think China is using the 5G opportunity to push its transportation systems toward electric but also using the electric proliferation opportunity to fight pollution and dominating the telecom industry of tomorrow which is 5G. It’s a marriage that pushes the Chinese economy to higher ground in the coming months and years. This is why I think China is so protective of Huawei. Huawei is a leading 5G company in the world, and so I don’t think China will take it easy at all if anyone is going after this company. After all, China got a goal to meet — electrified Chinese transportation and telecom industries.

Running On Water To Abandon Oil Completely?

I’m in USA, and I don’t see anyone is driving around with a water kit which helps fueling a vehicle.  Nonetheless, according to the video right after the break, in Pakistan there is a way of obtaining and installing a water kit on a gas fueled motorbike to improve mileage.  Check it out!

Just Another Video On China’s Straddling Bus Concept

Just found another video on China’s future straddling bus.  I’m really interested in this idea since it does seem like a good way to move people around the city in public transportation vehicles without the need to be stuck in the regular traffic jams.  It is another option for people who prefer to save gas, cut down pollution, go green, and use public transportation.  Through this sort of transportation the people don’t even have to worry about the traffic jams.  Does this mean people can save time too by boarding a straddling bus?  I’m living in the United States of America, and I really want to see something like this over here too.  I’m crossing my fingers and we’ll see, eh?

Futuristic Electric Motorcycle Known As Electric Tron Lightcycle Turns Heads

I know next to nothing about Tron (i.e., the movie) and its cult status, but a new Electric Tron Lightcycle is sure to be an ultimate ride for Tron’s fans.  OK, I admit, even people who don’t like Tron (i.e., the movie), they may still want to have a test drive on this sexy beast anyway.  Let talk about fashion.  The fashion is so futuristic and cool, but whoever drives this sexy beast definitely has to know he or she is doing yoga while driving.  For people who feel extremely uncomfortable in positions other than upright, this sexy beast is going to sweat these folks out for sure.

According to, Electric Tron Lightcycle packs with 96 volt electric motor and lithium ion battery pack.  Cool but not practical since it’s taking a whopping 35 minutes to be recharged fully, and each charge has only 100 mile range.  Oh, by the way, riding this sexy beast at night will hypnotize people with its neon light body, that’s if the rider turns on the light on the sides.  Check  out the video right after the break to see Electric Tron Lightcycle in action.