Hello, this is Vinh Nguyen welcoming you to EssayBoard.com.  This blog used to be where I would blog about technology, but now I’m leaning toward blogging just about anything that ticks me most.  Lately, I’ve been posting poetries and songs that I’d written myself onto this blog of mine.  Furthermore, I’ll still continually try to blog on technology even though technology isn’t my priority for blogging anymore.

Oh by the way, if you want to reuse my blog posts for your projects, feel free to do so, but you must not modify or change the blog posts in anyway, shape, or form.  You also need to add a by source line such as “Copyright (c) Vinh Nguyen @ Essayboard.com” at the bottom of each article, and the source line must be linked back to Essayboard.com.

You cannot reuse my songs or poetries for any purpose without my written consent.

To contact me by email, please send me your details at argh2xxx[at]gmail[dot][com].