WordPress Releases WordPress 3.1

WordPress has released version 3.1.  In this newest version yet, there is a new theme feature which allows you to switch between formats.  It seems this new feature is theme specific, and so when you are using the theme that is not supporting the format feature, you won’t see the available formats and won’t be able to switch between formats.

Upgrading to WordPress 3.1 is a walk in the park.  It’s true only if you are using PHP5 and not PHP4, and you are upgrading directly from WordPress 3.0.5 to WordPress 3.1.  If the things that I just mention are fitting with your very scenario, then you can use the auto upgrade button inside your WordPress installation.  Otherwise, you have to do the manual way!

If you are using WordPress as multi-site, I think you’re going to see a major change to your administration area.  For one example, you need to click on top right corner where it says Network Admin to become super admin (i.e., super user) so you can remove, add, edit, and ban users from your WordPress network.

Also, for all installations, that’s either multi-site or not, WordPress 3.1 will hide the custom fields by default.  To use the custom fields, you need to check a check box inside Screen Options (i.e., to right corner near the Help link) which says Custom Fields.  Have fun playing with WordPress 3.1., and I’m sure there is a lot more to the new features list of WordPress 3.1 — go to WordPress.org for getting the full details of what new features are available for WordPress 3.1.

WordPress 3.0.4 Releases To Address A Critical Security Bug In The Core

A short message just to alert WordPress users that they need to update to the latest version of WordPress, because the developers have found out about a critical security issue in the core of the software itself.  Updating to the latest version now so a WordPress installation won’t be vulnerable to hacking.  Since December 29th, 2010, a blog post was posted on WordPress’s blog to address this very issue.  The latest version of WordPress is 3.0.4.  Automate update process has worked for me very smoothly!  For precautionary purpose in case updating process goes awry, you need to disable all plugins, backup all files and database before you do an update. It takes only a few clicks to completely update your WordPress, so do it fast!  Have fun blogging!

Source: http://wordpress.org/news/2010/12/3-0-4-update/

Removing Any Object Within Moving Movies and Live Streams Less Than A Second

Back in the day, by that definition, I mean it’s pretty much recent up till now as in this point in time, to remove an object in an image, you have to capture a still frame of an image, I think, in order for you to isolate the objects within it in various ways — software such as Photoshop and Gimp can do this.  That’s the old way of doing things, because now we know that the researchers at Technical University of Ilmenau can remove any object in moving movies and live streams less than or approximately around 40 ms.  Check the video below to get the idea of this new capability that many film editors and video enthusiasts would love to have it now.

With removing objects within moving movies and live streams as easy as eating a sweet pie, we need someone to figure out how to inject just about any object into moving movies and live streams without giving up any sign that it’s a computer generate effect.  Or have we already know how to do this also?  If not yet, so get to it folks!  Source.

Drupal’s Taxonomy

Not everyone knows how to use Taxonomy in Drupal.  Simply put, Taxonomy is how Drupal allows you create categories.  Watch the video below to see how you can create a category in Drupal using Taxonomy!  My apology on the watermark appears across the video since I’m only using the free version of the ScreenFlow screen recorder software.