Samsung Releases NC215 Solar Netbook, Using Sunlight As Energy For Battery Which Can Last For 15 Hours

According to, Samsung has targeted Kenya’s market for its newest product NC215 solar netbook.  BusinessDailyAfrica reported that there are too many Kenyans who do not have access to electricity, because these Kenyans largely live in rural area and Kenya has a very large rural population in total.  Samsung NC215 solar netbook can be charged by using the sunlight, and so it’s a perfect kind of computer for the Kenyans who do not have access to electricity.

Samsung NC215 solar netbook is probably the first ever solar computer, and the solar panel attaches to the front of the NC215 netbook’s lid.  The solar panel is beautifully encapsulated inside the front of the NC215 netbook’s lid.  Once the battery is charged with the solar panel lid, the NC215 netbook can stay on for 15 hours.  It’s unclear if that amount of battery time will be the case when NC215 solar netbook is under intensive usage.

Besides having solar panel lid, NC215 netbook has 1.3 GHz Intel ATOM Processor N570, 2 processors in total, 802.11bg/n WiFI, 10/100 LAN, BT V3.0 High Speed, Windows 7 Starter, 1 GB of DDR3 RAM, 250 GB 5400 rpm HDD, 10.2 inches length, 7.07 inches width, 0.93 inches height, and 2.87 pounds weight.  As you can see this netbook isn’t meant to be powerful, but it is definitely something one can use on a long travel trip that requires charging the netbook the traditional way less.  Of course, it can also be charged the traditional way through a power outlet with a power adapter and cord.

Samsung NC215 netbook is currently listed for $396.29 on Amazon as I’m writing this piece.  Perhaps when you read this, the price might be the same or lower.  It’s unclear about the quality of NC215 netbook since I don’t have it on hand to test it.  Nevertheless, the idea of having a solar netbook is very cool to me.  Here I thought more brands should already have something like this on the market already, but I guess Samsung leads the way and others will follow.  I certainly hope Apple will do the same since I’ve been using many Apple’s products.

I’ve found a video on YouTube that unbox Samsung NC215 solar netbook.  Why don’t you take a peek at the video right after the break.


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