Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – Flocks Of Clouds In A Foggy Night (amateurish, low-light, time-lapse photography attempt)

I guess whenever you do something new, you experience something new, obviously.  Actually, you learn something new, either through the hard way or you’ve been guided before.  For me, I didn’t know that my lens could get fogged up in the cold night, because I didn’t know about keeping the lens as nearly cold as the colder outside temperature.  Then there was the carelessness of me, I thought it was impossible to get lens glare in the night photography, but I was wrong.  You know the kind of glare that you would get from the bright sun if you have your lens points toward the bright sun?  Anyhow, I guess when everything around you was very dark and the brightest light source was the night streetlamp, this sort of situation actually could give your lens the similar sun glares.  Anyhow, I guess I would try to capture better clouds in the night the next time through time-lapse photography.  This time around, just enjoy my amateurish attempt on low-light time lapse photography, OK?  It was my second attempt on doing time-lapse photography ever!

Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – Marietta Square Park (Timelapse Photography)

My first time trying out timelapse photography, and so it’s not exactly a polished work or anything like that. Nonetheless, I have to say it was definitely fun to do this. Oh, I think I will choose something more interesting and moving much slower next time when going about doing a timelapse photography. Anyhow, enjoy!!!