How Energy Was Created In The First Place?

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From a person who has very little knowledge of science, but I do often wonder about the weirdness of the law of conservation of energy.  Obviously, the law of conservation of energy is indeed making sense since people are using this very law in many applications.  Still, I have to wonder, if energy can neither be created nor destroyed, then how energy was created in the first place?  Sure, you can always use the big bang theory and say that it must have been the singularity that created everything, and then the whole phenomenon must have set a universal law which prescribed that energy could neither be created nor destroyed.  This argument somewhat helps us ease our mind a little on the subject, but the question persists, and it has morphed into this — how singularity was created in the first place?  Of course, I don’t think anyone now can answer such a question, because our current technology is still gazillions of light years away from having the capability of allowing us to take a peek inside what had created the singularity.  We might need a second Einstein to help us solve this very question.