Fever Of Unholiness (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

So clear you can see through,
to the bottom of the freshest lake,
so pure the fish haven’t had a clue,
near boiling temperature boils the lake.

How pure should a virgin be,
so to not hurt a virginity pride?
There she goes clueless as she be,
heart beats till temperature rises too high.

Steadily, she calms herself,
swearing not to swear under her breath,
oh, holy, please do not let me be someone else,
please purify me with your holy breath.

Too pure to even notice,
her world is being shaken to the core,
a shaken soul possesses by a fever of unholiness,
frustrating much as she can’t take it anymore.

Is it sane for one to be so pure?
A virgin’s fire would not yield to the wind,
as if the wind is a disease and never a cure,
thus a virgin begs her holiness to banish the wind.

Without the wind her world is empty,
her seeds are withering away in a silly stillness,
austere and ugly world she creates for her virginity,
yet she struggles to truly erase her fever of unholiness.

Christmas Is Out, And The New Year Is In (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

Christmas is wonderful,
unless you’re sorrowful,
then it ain’t for you.

If you have to celebrate it,
when you’re not ready to face it,
then you must be ready to have a fit.

Christmas is a time for gossips,
oh how lovely those lips,
spilling secrets over a heap.

Brothers, sisters, cousins, and lovers,
to gather for uncles, aunts, fathers and mothers,
as grandparents grab onto their canes in laughters.

Christmas tree lights up the living room,
tick tock, clock hits 12, liven up the living room,
how many presents have you got in the room?

A year has already flown by,
Christmas is here to tell you why,
thus you must be ready for the new year night.

Personal agenda can be put on ice,
on a Christmas night there will be no fight,
sure, vices come to light, but things will be alright.

No matter how lonely you are,
no matter how cold a personality you are,
Christmas might just change the way you are.

Christmas spirit lights a fire in you alright,
warming you up with those shiny Christmas lights,
while you’re in a daze of not knowing why.

There’s always an exception to the rules,
Christmas might not be able to please you,
but at least it’s here to let in a new year into you.

As Christmas goes away to let a new year in,
some folks from far away must go back to their closer kin,
sorrowful or not, Christmas is out, and the new year is in.

That Poetical Sense In The Night (Book Publishing)

I started out writing poetry in my spare time for fun since March of 2013. Since July of 2014 I began to take note of my extensive poetry collection, and so I decided to create a book for my poems. This very book, “That Poetical Sense In The Night,” is the result of my spare time poetry writing. The title of this book is from one of those very early poems that I’d written in March of 2013. The book started out with the latest poem that I’d written working toward to the end of the book in which my earliest poem would be inscribed therein. I’d written my poems according to my feeling at specific moments in time, and so many of my poems were written in free verse. Nonetheless, in some of these poetical moments I did manage to have form my poems in various poetical forms. My poems depict from humanity to eureka moment, and so I think my poems do cover a wide area of things.

Now you can get this poetry book of mine at Amazon’s Kindle Store.