Ooma Telo Sounds Like A Great Idea, But I Don’t Know If I’m Ready To Ditch My Landline Phone Service

Power Outage

Power Outage (Photo credit: dave hale)

Cnet has a piece (Get an Ooma Telo home phone system for $109.99) on how you can let go monthly landline phone bill by using Ooma Telo VOIP phone service.  It sounds excellent and persuasive, but I do feel though this might be scary if I really need to use the phone in the midst of the power outage (and cell phone runs out of battery)…  Nonetheless, it seems like a good idea to get rid of landline phone bill, because saving money is always a good thing.  Calling 911 during power outage (and cell phone isn’t working) might still be the #1 thing to have, and so going with VOIP type of phone services might not be a good idea still, at least for me.  If somehow, these VOIP services can provide an emergency solution where they can tap into landline phone that will always work (and I don’t have to pay any fee for an emergency landline service) even when power outage happens, then I definitely want to jump on board with something like Ooma Telo.

Cellular Phones’ Signals Threaten Food Supply

With more bees are dying and their colonies are collapsing, a researcher from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Daniel Favre, suggests that cellular phones’ signals are the true cause of killing off the bees and their colonies.  Maybe we have to worry, because bees are very important to nature.  From my understanding, bees help us humans in sustaining the availability of certain nutritious food crops and other plants and crops.  In fact, many people claim that bees are the keepers of 1/3 of humans’ food supply.  The list of crop plants pollinated by bees can be found here.

What can be done you may ask?  First, I think we need to find if the claim is really true.  In fact, the government and various altruistic foundations and so on can pool resources together to fund the studies for accessing the claim that cellular phones’ signals are the cause of killing off bees.  Second, after us humans have confirmed this is truly the case, then us humans have to form new policy or to develop new technology where bees can be cultivated to thrive.  If that isn’t feasible, then we have to form policy in restraining the use of cellular phones or somehow develop new cellular phone technology where bees won’t be dying off from cellular phones’ signals.

Personal opinion and assessment:  Albeit, the loss of 1/3 of humans’ food supply isn’t the end of the world, but you never know this effect can actually plunge our economy into unfavorable condition than ever before.  Speaking of economy, it’s still in a pretty bad shape.  I can imagine foods will be evermore expensive and hard to come by if 1/3 of humans’ food supply is actually dwindling.  Perhaps, starvations around the world will rise.  It’s not the end of the world, but it sure may form a hell on earth.  Maybe, wealthier countries may continue to use more cellular phones at the expense of poorer countries’ food resources.  Will that be just?  When too many bees are dying off, beekeeping business will boom?

My question to you, if  you can only choose between food supply and having a good time on the phone with a companion of yours, what would be your only pick?  Sources:  news.yahoo.com/s/digitaltrends/20110513/tc_digitaltrends/cellphonessignalsreallyarekillingthebeesstudyshows.  To further your knowledge on bees, how about checking out how they make honey at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honey.

Continuously Monitor Through Gadgets Which Sends Feedbacks To Cell Phones So You May Be Healthier

New direction for Sprint, new spirit for futuristic gadget visionaries who may appreciate that soon everyone relies on a cell phone to warn them about their health and everything else.  BodyMedia has teamed up with Sprint to deliver a gadget that will monitor your daily activities such as how much you’ve been working out each day.  The gadget is in a form of armband, and this armband will be able to feed the data that it collects from you to Sprint and consequently to your cell phone’s app.

Just imagine if they overdo this to a point that all doctors on this planet will be able to monitor you at any point in time at your permission, a better picture for your health can be accounted quickly and accurately and down to the minuscule details such as molecular physiology.  That’s a general idea, but when one includes privacy matter, I think a balance will be struck so humankind will live healthier if humans indeed become slaves to their cell phones and any other mobile gadgets.  Source.