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Just An Obvious Thought: Advertising In The Age Of Streaming!   

Streaming is proliferating nowadays, and so people are slowly switching from watching traditional TV content to streaming content.  In fact, whatever that is streaming can also be duplicated on TV and vice versa.  The big difference is that TV is scheduled and streaming is an on-demand kind of thing.

For advertisers, streaming is something radically different than traditional TV because streamers may not accept forced advertising content.  TV viewers may not care how long or how many advertisements get pushed through during a viewing experience.  The big words here are may not since the TV viewing experience is about potato couches.  On the other hand, the streamers want content quickly and sometimes prefer the shorter the content the better.  When advertisers push through advertisements in streaming content, the streamers often get turned off.

The puzzle here is all about how to get viewers who stream to watch advertisements!  We’ve seen clever advertisements done in movies such as marrying a brand into the content of the movie itself.  For example, let’s create a fictitious brand of soft drink known as Blahboulous and marry this Blahboulous can of soft drink with a character in the movie who often loves to carry the can of Blahboulous soft drink around.  This tactic could also make a brand viral since a famous actor or actress is associated with such a brand!

The question is how to marry multiple brands into streaming content!  Doing this too obviously would also be a turn-off.  Perhaps, there would be a better method?  I think forced advertising content can still be done in streaming content, but this gotta be super concise and short, and the fewer the better!  Meanwhile, advertisers should marry their sponsors’ brands into the streaming content more often.  The combination of both could elevate the advertising streams while irritating the streamers less.

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