Because I Know Why I’m Here (Poetry)

Just another poetry I had written awhile back.  Perhaps I had posted this very poetry, “Because I Know Why I’m Here,” on this blog already.  Nonetheless, the original version of this poetry had too many errors, and I just fixed it now.  Anyhow, here it is!  Enjoy it right after the break!!!

  • I walk numerous miles within these shoes,
  • even though I have no direction,
  • looking beyond a blue sky,
  • wondering why I’m here.
  • Drinking a soft drink by the seaside,
  • wondering of yesterday,
  • and the day of today,
  • and of tomorrow too.
  • Sentimental things creep in,
  • telling me that I feel lost,
  • losing my way along the way,
  • of where I’m heading.
  • I question myself,
  • I reaffirm my beliefs,
  • there was no way I would have knew,
  • the way I took was a wrong turn.
  • Looking beyond the now,
  • I feel time supposes to churn,
  • the way it means to be,
  • not backward but forward.
  • Therefore, even though I feel lost,
  • losing my way along the way,
  • everything I have believed,
  • it is all worth it.
  • Keeping a spirit high,
  • readying for whatever,
  • whatever the future might be,
  • I fear of nothing, and on I tread.
  • Whatever the future might hold,
  • or however it might be told,
  • the future matters little,
  • the now matters a lot more.
  • Let life unfolds the way I feel,
  • I be foolish and hungry for what I seek,
  • feeling for whatever I wish,
  • let the art inside of me creates rainbow.
  • Let the candles fall off the skies,
  • let the night comes to a close,
  • as if a fairy tale has ended,
  • and a curtain has closed.
  • This, I say no more,
  • but all I see are my own feet moving,
  • carefully of not slowing down,
  • even though I have no direction.
  • I’ll put more miles in my shoes,
  • even though I’ve no direction,
  • I’ll look beyond the blue sky once more,
  • and stop wondering why I’m here.
  • Because I know why I’m here!

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