Root And Install Oxygen OS Onto OnePlus One

OnePlus just released Oxygen OS for OnePlus One users.  Unfortunately, users cannot flash Oxygen OS over the air (e.g., LTE, Wi-Fi, etc…).  I’m not going to go through the steps in details of showing you how to do this.  Nonetheless, I’m going to list a few things that are essential for you to get before you can flash Oxygen OS onto your OnePlus One.  As always, don’t blame the messenger, but blame yourself if something goes wrong and you haven’t had a backup of your OnePlus One data.  Once backing up your OnePlus One data properly, you can then proceed with rooting your OnePlus One.

  1. Step one – you need to root your OnePlus One.  What you need to have to root your OnePlus One?
    1. Make sure you got the latest Java JDK installed on your Mac.  You can check out the version of your Java JDK by opening up a terminal and type this command in, javac -version.  If you aren’t seeing any feedback in your terminal, it means you don’t have Java JDK installed.  You need Java JDK to run Android SDK’s fastboot and adb tools.
    2. You need to download Android Studio at  Although you can download Android SDK standalone version just so you can use fastboot and adb, but the easiest way is just downloading the whole Android Studio.  Once done downloading and installing Android Studio with recommended default plugins and features, you need to open up your Mac’s terminal to see if you have fastboot and adb or not by going to /Users/[enter your username here without the square brackets]/Library/Android/sdk/platform-tools/.  If you’re seeing fastboot and adb tools within this directory, then you’re knowing that you’re good to go.  If you’re using Linux and Windows, I don’t have the steps for you.  Google for the steps please.
    3. You need to enable Android Debugging function/feature within your OnePlus One phone.  Just go to Settings > About Phone > tap seven times on Build number.  Hit back till you see Developer options, go into here and enable Android Debugging.
    4. Connect your OnePlus One to your Mac through USB cable.
    5. In terminal, change into directory where your fastboot and adb tools are located.  The command is, cd /Users/[enter your username here without the square brackets]/Library/Android/sdk/platform-tools/.
    6. Follow the video right after this sentence for rooting your OnePlus One.
  2. Step two – we are going to install Oxygen onto OnePlus One.
    1. You need to download TWRP Manager from Play Store.
    2. If TWRP Manager requires you to do a SD Patch, you should do so.
    3. Once done patching, you need to install TWRP using TWRP Manager.
    4. Go to and download Oxygen OS.
    5. Now you need to download Android File Transfer at  Done?  You need to install Android File Transfer onto your Mac.
    6. With OnePlus One connects to your Mac, use Android File Transfer to copy and paste Oxygen OS’s files onto your OnePlus One’s Download folder (directory).
    7. Follow the video right after this sentence to install Oxygen onto your OnePlus One.


Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – iPhone 5 Unboxing

Just got iPhone 5!  Unboxing it with Sony DSC-TX10 still images.  Using Lightroom 4 to retouch these still images.  The results are right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

How Far Are You Willing To Go To Get Your Hand On That Shiny, Sexy iPhone 5?

Crazy long lines in front of Apple stores just for iPhone 5?  Tomorrow, it might be even crazier, to see more long line, for anywhere that got stock of iPhone 5 to sell?  I know, I should not be writing about people are so crazy of camping for a week or so outside of Apple store to get their hands on iPhone 5, because I was also crazy to pre-order iPhone 5 even though the shipment of this shiny, smart phone is being pushed back for 2 week long.  Nonetheless, at least I’m too lazy to go crazy to the point of worshiping the Apple God by camping outside Apple store.  Had never done so, and probably will never do so.  How come?  Siri isn’t even a real girlfriend yall!  Anyhow, I chuckled every time I read another article this week which mentioned the crazy things people would do to get their hands on iPhone 5.    Nonetheless, I must admit that there are some smart public stunts out there that have got the press talking about their stunts.  How about camping outside Apple store first to get an interview by the press of some sort so one can advertise one’s own business brand?  I think that’s smart for doing things on a shoestring advertising budget, but might generate huge, both online and offline, social buzz.  Anyhow, here are some of the articles — in relation to the crazy things that people do to get their hand on iPhone 5 — I would like to share with you right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Afterthought:  Perhaps, I’m more hardcore than those who camp outside of Apple store.  I’m willing to wait patiently for the iPhone 5 to arrive at my doorstep.  It takes a lot of strength to do that.  I don’t even know if this is a sarcastic, self serving, arrogant admission or not, but it does sound super cool.

Microsoft Plans To Release Windows Phone 7 Update, Code-Named Mango, Later This Year!

Since the inception of Windows Phone 7 till now, Microsoft is still lagging behind major players such as Android.  Microsoft has no choice since Windows Phone 7 was late to join the party.  Even worse, Microsoft has no choice in the matter of should the company stop dabbling with the market of smart phones, because company just can’t and won’t.  Microsoft knows that there always will be someone out there wants to have their hands on the latest smart phones, and to not beef up Windows Phone 7 is just plain crazy and stupid.  To beefing up Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is going to release the next update for Windows Phone 7, code-named Mango, later this year.  Mango will allow Windows Phone 7 users to have multitasking capability, IE9, augmented reality capability, and various newer applications.


Google Wants To Verify Your Accounts With Additional Verification Step Through Cell Phones

Google has becoming even more paranoid about security, and so they should as we all know weak computer security can surely do great amount of damages to your life beyond the digital realm.  Taking a newer approach to ensure Google’s users stay safe online, Google is undertaking an extra step of verifying everyone’s account through cell phones.  Google can call you up or text you a secret code right after you have entered the password for your account.  This is an extra layer of comfort in term of security, albeit it’s rather briefly an annoyance.  The next time the bad guy has your password, he or she must too have access to your cell phone before a successful hack can be made on your account.

Google is rolling this out slowly, and when it does become available for everyone, you should be able to click on a link within your account to set up an extra layer of verification through phone.  According to the source, PCMag, it takes around 15 minutes to set up the extra verification step.  To tell the truth, 15 minutes setup does sound scary to me.  Online users such as I have rather brief attention span, and to endure 15 minutes of setup is quite tiresome.  Nonetheless, I’m not entirely sure it does take 15 minutes since I haven’t yet tried set the extra verification step through phone in my Google accounts.  Let me know how it goes with the time as you set your Google account to work with the extra verification step through phone in the comment section.

FYI (For your information):  If you’re using Google Gmail, it’s very important for you to apply the extra step of verification through phone since hackers love to hack an email account.  Why?  I think hackers know that many email users often associate particular email accounts with other important accounts in case they need to recover various accounts’ passwords.  Acquiring an email account is worth it for hackers since they can use the recover password option on various accounts.