My New Music Single “Take Me Away.”

Marrying Jazz’s Bebop tune with pop/rock feel, and the result is a brand new single “Take Me Away.”  This will be released onto Spotify, iTunes and elsewhere very soon.  For now, you can check it out on SoundCloud.  Get this track on Epoginis.

Some Insights Into Mastering A Track (Music Mixing)

As you know, I’ve had my own music blog ( and I’ve been making my own musical tracks, but to tell the truth I’m still very much in the dark when it comes to mastering a track.  Basically, whenever the mixing process is done for a track, I would try to listen to the track over and over again to see if it’s up to my taste and standard, and I would either fix it somehow to make it sounds good enough or I would just stop and wrap the track up.  In a way, I like to think that as I’m mixing a track, somewhere in the between and near the end of the mixing process I would incorporate the mastering step into the whole mixing process.  The final mastering touch for a track for me would be making the track sounds the way I would imagine how it should sound.  With all of these little nuggets I professed, professional mastering process is still very much something that is out of my league, because I have no training in sound engineering or something similar to this.  This is why I think the video right after the break is quite interesting for people — like me — who want to know more about mastering a musical track in general.  Enjoy!!!

New Music Single “In The Zone” By Vinh Nguyen

I just released a new music single known as “In The Zone,” and this new single is now available for $0.99 a download at CD Baby.  Hopefully, in coming days, this single will be available for third party music services such as Spotify.  For now, you can also listen to this new single of mine for a limited of time at  Just make sure you hit the play button on the audio player on the right side of the blog, and the single will play in its entirety.  If you like this single, please don’t forget to spread the words about it.  I appreciate it.

Music Cover Art In The Zone Single By Vinh Nguyen

Check Out My New Music Single Quirky

I just released a new music single, Quirky, and you can get it at CD Baby for $0.99 a download.  Hopefully, Quirky will also be released onto other online music services such as Spotify as soon as possible.  If you have membership with one of those online music services, you can listen to Quirky whenever without paying for a download.

Music Cover Art Quirky Single By Vinh Nguyen