EscapeCapsule To Protect iPhone 4 From Water, Sand, Mud, Snow, And Shock

Josh Wright and June Lai are relying on Kickstarter to help realize their project EscapeCapsule into reality.  So far, there are 73 backers and pledge money is around $6,485.  The goal is to get $30,000 in pledge money, because with that amount the two can mass produce enough EscapeCapsule for the market, I guess.

EscapeCapsule is sleek and cool.  It is a case for iPhone 4 that promises to protect users’ iPhone 4s from snow, sand, water, and shock.  Basically, you can swim in the ocean with your iPhone 4 as long it is encapsulated with EscapeCapsule.

The video at Kickstarter shows that EscapeCapsule isn’t a product of concept, but it’s already a full/complete product since Josh Wright and June Lai had used it in water and so on within the video to demonstrate to us that it’s indeed a working product.  According to Techcrunch article “EscapeCapsule Lets You Use Your iPhone 4 In Water, Sand, Mud, Snow, And Other Gross Stuff,” users only have to pay $50 for pledging, but EscapeCapsule will cost around $70 for the users who do not pledge.  Check out EscapeCapsule in action on Kickstarter’s article “EscapeCapsule – Waterproof iPhone 4 Case.”

I wonder, if Josh Wright and June Lai are able to make EscapeCapsule a successful product for iPhone 4, they might want to try to upgrade EscapeCapsule for iPhone 5 too.  So, in another way of saying, I guess some of us who admire this product need to hurry up and pledge a $50.  For me, I’m sort of in a tight budget situation, and so I pledge by writing about EscapeCapsule in this blog post, and I might get it at $70 price range when it comes out to the market.

Clarification:  Don’t expect this very blog post of mine to conclude that EscapeCapsule is a great product and has worked as advertise, because I do not truly know its true capability unless I have one; so far I don’t!