Chinese Lantern Festival Got One Thousand Drones Lit Up The Night Sky, Celebrating A Rooster Year.

On the day of Chinese New Year’s Lantern Festival in Guangzhou, China (2017), people got to witness 1,000 drones lit up Guangzhou’s night sky with various beautiful colors.  The drones were synched up in different patterns that got purposeful meaning to the Chinese people.  According to Chinese news services, the 1,000 drones performance just set a Guinness World Record since thus far it’s a biggest number of drones in the sky at once.  What is amazing is that none of these drones was crashing into each other, and so the automation of fly patterns for drones is definitely ready for prime time.  Don’t you think the future will be involving with more of drones that behave as if fireworks have gone off in the dark but beautiful night sky?  Perhaps, the prediction of automation will come true in regarding to putting firework business out of business?  In summary, these swarm formations of drone performance might be more fashionable and future proof than firework… but by witnessing how drones got to be so automated is making us worry for our future.  We may worry how futuristic  AI’s automation will put hundreds if not thousands of outdated, typical human jobs and businesses out of service.  If I’m not wrong, I think Chinese Lantern Festival is usually celebrated on the last day of Chinese New Year.  This year is all about the roosters, and so eat more chicken!  Check out the drone synch performance of 1,000 drones in Chinese New Year night sky in the video right after the break.  Enjoy!

Robots Are Taking Over China’s Guangzhou On New Year Of 2016

Robots are taking over Guangzhou!  Chinese New Year (and various other neighboring countries’ Lunar New Year), the year of the monkey, got 540 robots danced away to the festive tune against the backdrop of Guangzhou’s city skyline.  Drones flew overhead to enhance the festive choreography.

Christmas Is Out, And The New Year Is In (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

Christmas is wonderful,
unless you’re sorrowful,
then it ain’t for you.

If you have to celebrate it,
when you’re not ready to face it,
then you must be ready to have a fit.

Christmas is a time for gossips,
oh how lovely those lips,
spilling secrets over a heap.

Brothers, sisters, cousins, and lovers,
to gather for uncles, aunts, fathers and mothers,
as grandparents grab onto their canes in laughters.

Christmas tree lights up the living room,
tick tock, clock hits 12, liven up the living room,
how many presents have you got in the room?

A year has already flown by,
Christmas is here to tell you why,
thus you must be ready for the new year night.

Personal agenda can be put on ice,
on a Christmas night there will be no fight,
sure, vices come to light, but things will be alright.

No matter how lonely you are,
no matter how cold a personality you are,
Christmas might just change the way you are.

Christmas spirit lights a fire in you alright,
warming you up with those shiny Christmas lights,
while you’re in a daze of not knowing why.

There’s always an exception to the rules,
Christmas might not be able to please you,
but at least it’s here to let in a new year into you.

As Christmas goes away to let a new year in,
some folks from far away must go back to their closer kin,
sorrowful or not, Christmas is out, and the new year is in.

Make It Your New Year Resolution To Learn How To Code Each Email At A Time For 2012?

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New year celebration is already over, and you have made up your mind what new year resolutions you want to achieve for the year 2012, I presume.  Nonetheless, there is always time to squeeze in a late new year resolution.  How about learning how to code?

According to TechCrunch, around 100,000 members already sign up for Codecademy’s in roughly 48 hours.  By giving up your email address, each week folks at Codecademy will send you email which includes new programming lesson.  Following the programming lessons within Codecademy’s emails, I guess you might learn how to program.