The Stars Had Grown Tired (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

A beautify night sky, up high above,
forever dotting with stars over the yonder,
as if the party in the night won forever love,
under the sky, the night stretched on a wonder.

Loud critters rudely chirped in the night,
inviting themselves to a party of a wonder,
forever lovers confessed, drank to the night,
and the stars above twinkled on forever.

High on love, truth belied,
lie belied, giving false hope,
no matter, lovers danced into the night,
letting lie belied, giving false hope.

When a night became cloudy,
lie belied, giving false hope,
thus stars were ditching the party,
nevertheless, lie belied so there was hope.

As clouds started to clear up high,
truth belied, lovers delighted, dancing under the stars,
staying forever young, dancing into the night,
lie belied, a night to be forever dotted with stars.

Forever young night refused to die,
lovers refused an uncertain tomorrow,
so they danced till the stars grew tired,
truth or lie, it wasn’t matter till tomorrow.

Here they breathed and drowned in love,
certainly, humankind would last on forever,
letting lie belied, they stayed truth to hope,
certainly, their love would last on forever.

It was a beautiful night till the sun was up high,
dancing stopped, stars went into hiding,
albeit the day was beautifully bright,
uncertainty grew out of its hiding.

Would their love outlast humankind,
if the night was forever young as lie belied?
Would their love outlast humankind,
even though the stars had grown tired?

Forgiving Is Not The Same As Forgetting (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

On the day a son died in war,
then a father weeped evermore,
his body was lost to the war,
then a mother grieved evermore.

As he left on that day to war,
his daughter was still in a womb,
on the day he was forever lost to the war,
a cute baby cried for milk, no longer in a womb.

Years later, a grandmother remembered her son,
as his body was recovered by mere accidence,
a grandfather rekindled good memories of his son,
and the granddaughter was stirred by the incidence.

The war that killed her father was historic to her,
a father who she could only picture in a war history,
grandparents’ undying love memories reminded her,
a father she never had was more than just mere history.

The war once waged began to be forgotten,
yet a newer one was brewing, nearing a boiling point,
as she was remembering a father who was forgotten,
history was about to repeat a boiling point.

Forgiving is not the same as forgetting,
moving on is not about forgetting a history,
although she forgave how her father was dying,
she could not forget a father who never was in her history.

As newer conflicts were brewing,
a granddaughter was all grownup and about to be married,
a baby was kicking inside her every morning,
here she prayed for never seeing her man to be buried.

Her praying went unheeded by the gods,
conflicts turned into war, repeating a history she knew,
she had yet to be married to her man under the gods,
here a war came, threatening to burry a man she always knew.

Her unborn son might have to forgive his father’s war,
but she swore in having her son picturing his father well,
as she kissed her man goodbye, sending him into war,
she would pray to the gods to treat her man well.

Forgiving is not the same as forgetting,
moving on is not about forgetting a history,
here she prayed for her man’s returning,
while her son cried for a father who repeated a history.

360 Degree (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • An outlandish idea perhaps,
  • but this one had planted a seed inside me,
  • as if nature and life itself a 360 degree map,
  • going in a circle until a realization would allow us be.
  • 360 degree of realization,
  • persuaded me 360 degree is the life force,
  • in which this force is the creation,
  • lying dormant, waiting for us humans to spring forth.
  • As busied as a bee we were,
  • trying to figuring out the inner working of a clock,
  • tick tock, a clock was busied as we were,
  • for an eternity, spinning itself in 360 degree o’clock.
  • With a 360 degree clock in time,
  • we were fully prepared to spring forward,
  • technologically, we raced ahead the sand of time,
  • determining to meet the creator as we were going forward.
  • Too busied as a bee as always,
  • overlooking the grander picture,
  • successfully bringing about the grander machines as always,
  • hadn’t gotten a clue that we were inside 360 degree picture.
  • Tick tock, until time would stop,
  • perhaps then we would guess a life force’s inner working,
  • tick tock, until time would stop,
  • perhaps then, in 360 degree, our turn to shape things.

Long Gone Were The Dinosaurs, But Had We? (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • Here we fought tooth and nail,
  • so we could boast our superiority,
  • meanwhile the universe yawned on,
  • waiting to see how we would fail.
  • The planet kept on spinning,
  • bloodletting kept on flowing,
  • hatred kept on recycling,
  • thus the world kept on revolving.
  • While the resources had been dwindling,
  • we could care less for anything,
  • as if the world wasn’t having any meaning,
  • so we kept on bickering and killing.
  • Had we been down on our knees for necessity,
  • we would probably felt empty,
  • we would probably going crazy,
  • going crazy for some sanity.
  • Unfortunately, we had been we,
  • thus the savage nature was entombed within the DNA,
  • instead of bickering for peace,
  • bloodletting continued as far as the eyes could see.
  • Meanwhile the news had that,
  • another rocky planet which dwarfed ours,
  • existing outside the possibility,
  • for we had thought no rock could be big as that.
  • The universe kept on churning,
  • surprises kept on coming,
  • knowledge kept on expanding,
  • thus the planets kept on spinning.
  • This rocky place we had been living,
  • shrunk by the day as we had been feeding,
  • without seeing the long term meaning,
  • on and on we plundering and killing.
  • Had we been any smarter in this young century,
  • we would probably explore the possibility,
  • exploring the possibility of infinite necessity,
  • thus we should be roaming the universe in this century.
  • Unfortunately, we had been we,
  • instead of thinking for the future,
  • we killed each other for limited resources,
  • long gone were the dinosaurs, but had we?

New Eden (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • The ship shook violently,
  • nerve racking crews bounced,
  • captain wore his grim face,
  • “report,” as he shouted aloud.
  • “Captain, a fusion hiccup,”
  • without breaking a sweat,
  • a young lad reported,
  • to ease his captain’s worry.
  • A ship of a new era,
  • a captivated design,
  • a beta inception indeed,
  • an inception of a space age.
  • Many sweats and tears,
  • and a fortune was spent,
  • so men of a new era,
  • could explore a new frontier.
  • Before the new era,
  • fusion was elusive,
  • too hot to contain,
  • too exotic to be useful.
  • The new dawn had arrived,
  • fusion was realized,
  • in an unheard fashion,
  • pushing ships near light speed.
  • Earlier fusion tech had it,
  • ten percent of light speed,
  • new devices by trials,
  • pushing fusion near light speed.
  • Striving to make history,
  • fear not for their lives,
  • men climbed aboard,
  • a very first fusion ship.
  • Shooting for a historic moment,
  • the fusion ship shot away,
  • in glorious hooray,
  • the fusion ship vanished.
  • She sped so fast,
  • human eyes could not catch,
  • as she sped away,
  • hooray felt empty.
  • History was in the making,
  • one right after another,
  • our captain was sure,
  • another earth was in reach.
  • From the real earth men saw,
  • another earth from afar,
  • albeit they could only guess,
  • the compositions through instruments.
  • Our captain was sure,
  • men would reach a new Eden,
  • new Eden for this old race,
  • that had already worn out the old earth.
  • Thus our captain and his fusion ship,
  • hastily speeding toward this new earth,
  • for there be awaited a new Eden,
  • for there be a first man space colony.
  • Little had our captain knew,
  • space was stranger than fiction,
  • thus upon the arrival,
  • our captain was in shock.
  • The new earth was crowded,
  • with Adam and Eve everywhere,
  • too many to be counted,
  • the whole damn new earth was populated.
  • The truth was stranger than fiction,
  • our captain found himself,
  • and the crew too found themselves,
  • captain and the crew were in a parallel.
  • Imagination was to be shamed,
  • back on old earth our captain was lonely,
  • yet he found his copy with a wife,
  • happily married on this new Eden.
  • One among the crew,
  • found his unsavory self,
  • who got addicted to drugs,
  • and so broken on this new Eden.
  • Thus fiction was bested,
  • fusion to a parallel world,
  • one historic moment after another,
  • breaking out in full force.
  • To the new Eden we cheered,
  • to the new brothers we found,
  • dead or alive they were,
  • all were very parallel.
  • Thus it begged our captain to wonder,
  • could there be more parallels?
  • Perhaps, he could just wander,
  • in a fusion ship to more parallels.
  • Thus one new Eden wasn’t enough,
  • our captain was mad about parallel,
  • he demanded geeks to ponder,
  • where could he find another parallel?

They Had Spoken (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • Silence was so loud,
  • it deafened the livings,
  • driving their souls mad,
  • isolating the lonely fibers,
  • till the cores were shaken,
  • their foundation was weak,
  • but the heaven blessed them,
  • came the blessing of commune,
  • magical moment just happened,
  • soul to soul, reaching a communion,
  • soul to soul, communing their blessing,
  • out of the woodwork came the salvation,
  • stranger than the imagination, they thought,
  • gibberish utters had broken their innate silence,
  • mad driven words were chanting on dry lips,
  • the lips of the silence virgins were tainted,
  • erasing their knowledge of the silence,
  • silence was no longer that deafening,
  • yet, silence was their everything,
  • strangely, they had gone mad,
  • the breaking of a tradition,
  • gibberish whiplashed,
  • against the free wind,
  • silence was no more,
  • mad as they were,
  • they had spoken.