Practically, Healthtap Is An App That Might Prove To Be Extremely Practical For Internet Users Who Seek For Valid Health Advices From The Internet!

Most apps on mobile devices such as a smart phone are pretty much useless in my earnest opinion, but some of those apps are actually practical.  Practical apps are hard to find these days not for the reasons such as lack thereof, but it’s about how hard it’s for us to look for not so obvious practical apps among hundred thousands of similar useless apps.  Plus, there is this saying, one individual’s trash is another individual’s treasure.  Some apps are purely for pleasure and aesthetic means, then I guess it’s up to the eyes of the beholder to judge the beauty and merit of the apps.  So, when I first set my eyes on Healthtap, I felt immediately that the app is unique and practical.  For an example, an app in which had been rolled out by a bank to help facilitate banking transactions would be an obvious useful and practical app.  Healthtap is definitely fitting into an obvious useful and practical app category since it helps its users to seek for answers to their health-related questions with real doctors for free.  Nonetheless, if a user feels that she or he doesn’t need to reveal health-related questions in public forums, she or he can basically pay for private questions.  Initial private health-related questions cost around $10 each, and subsequent health-related questions in relation to the initial ones will cost $5 each.  Nonetheless, users who don’t want to pay or ask health-related questions in fear of losing privacy can just browse for the answers from Healthtap public forums.  In a nutshell, Healthtap provides the means for reputable doctors to help just about anyone who uses Healthtap easily, and everybody can access these doctors for some quick advices affordably.

Obviously, to truly treat one person’s illness, one probably has had to visit a doctor in person for a complete treatment, but Healthtap might help a person to clear up some major curious health-related questions before making a face to face visit with a doctor.  Even if Healthtap app is hard to use and ugly, the value behind the means of this app is still tremendous.  Luckily, I had browsed Healthtap app through a browser from a laptop and noticed that it was pretty sleek and easy to use.  I also had downloaded Healthtap onto my iPhone, but I had not yet launched it to see how friendly it would be on a mobile device.  Furthermore, Healthtap app is also available for iPad and Android mobile devices.  Besides the obvious means of asking health-related questions such as sending texts and photos to a doctor, Healthtap provides means to allow all doctors to rate the health-related answers — providing even more confidence to such health-related answers.  According to TechCrunch’s “With New Mobile Apps, Eric Schmidt-Backed HealthTap Brings The House Call Back To Healthcare” article, Healthtap provides doctor-to-doctor ratings known as DocScore.  I’m not sure how DocScore works out, but it seems that it’s a peer review kind of thing.  Perhaps, peer review can be biased (i.e., people who knew each other may give each other great score on something), but it does put pressure on doctors to have great Healthtap reputation for them to be effective health providers in the eyes of Healthtap users.  Obviously, I had left out many features that Healthtap is providing, because I’m still learning how this app works exactly.  Nonetheless, it’s clear that the purpose of this app is sound and practical.  Whether people will find Healthtap as the only app to go for health-related advices is remained to be seen though.

In summary, Healthtap is a health advising platform — with the potential of allowing patients to meet up with reputable doctors for real treatments — which so far has been successfully connecting thousands of highly regarded doctors of various medical fields to just about anyone who has the will to use Healthtap.  This feat alone is excellent and practical.  Icing on the cake features are features such as allowing Healthtap users to ask each private question for minimum fee of $10 or less, encouraging people who may not have the wish to visit a doctor yet to find out what is going on with their health affordably and virtually.  Meanwhile, Healthtap users feel reassuring that Healthtap’s medical advices are merit since the advices come from licensed doctors.  Simply put, I think there will be plenty of people that find Healthtap to be practical and useful.  After all, humans with failing healths are plenty in number, because they are humans!

Afterthought:  Prophetically, people have had envision that one day patients don’t really have to meet up with their doctors physically to get a health exam or something similar since Internet technology might advance in a way that allows such possibility to be possible.  I think ISPs need to provide more affordable and much much faster broadband services in order for people to regularly stream videos and possibly 3D digital contents before the idea of having doctors to visit your home virtually be feasible.  Plus, ISPs need to get rid of bandwidth limit and favor the flat rate, unlimited bandwidth applications before innovation such as having doctors to visit someone virtually be practical.  For now, Healthtap is only a stepping stone for the next best innovation that will bring doctors to someone virtually!

Source:  With New Mobile Apps, Eric Schmidt-Backed HealthTap Brings The House Call Back To Healthcare

By Announcing The Surface, Living Room Experience Warfare Builds Up Nicely For Microsoft! What Will Apple Do?

The web is buzzing about Microsoft’s newest tablet, and this one is special since Microsoft specifically made sure it would turn out the way it is now and how this one will carry Microsoft Windows 8 logo.  Instead of just worrying about the software that goes inside the newest Microsoft tablet known as Surface, the Surface itself had been molded and crafted by Microsoft to carry a kickback stand and a smart cover of which can unfold into a keyboard.  The cover/keyboard comes in many colors.

People are already comparing Microsoft’s Surface against iPad.  Personally, I have iPad 2 but I rarely use it.  How come?  iPad 2 feels like a bigger iPhone to me (but unable to make phone calls), and I’m already bored with the iOS ecosystem.  If there isn’t a Windows 8 for tablets and smart phones, I definitely won’t even think about being bored with iOS ecosystem.  Luckily, there is Windows 8 ecosystem, and so let the fun begin?  Personally, I think Windows 8 does look better on tablets and smart phones than any other mobile platform (i.e., Android, iOS).  Functionality though, I’m not sure since I have yet to own a Windows 8 device.

Microsoft has always had trouble in making an impact in the tablet market.  Instead of being hot, Microsoft had been a dinosaur since people like to think Microsoft as a giant software company for PC (i.e., not for mobile devices).  PC isn’t dead, and I think people who think PC is dead is too arrogant!!!  Nonetheless, mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones have definitely made Apple and Samsung (and few other well known mobile manufacturers) more relevant and wealthier than traditional PC makers.  If Microsoft delays to not thinking forward, the company’s image might become irrelevant and eventually the negative image will smear the company’s profitability.  After all, thinking forward in modern electronic warfare has to be about mobility, hence the tablets and smart phones.

This time around, I think Microsoft is really smart by pushing out its own tablet.  By making a super awesome tablet, whether it’s an iPad killer or not, Microsoft basically pushes the rears of the companies that are trying to produce tablets for Windows 8 against an avalanche.  They have to either come out better tablets than the Surface or else the tablet market will become evermore less competitive since the challengers against Apple would only be Microsoft and few other well known tablet makers.  As now though, with the Surface, I think only Microsoft can truly challenge Apple’s iPad, because the Surface is so sleek and thin even though it has a keyboard which can also turn into a removable tablet cover.  With that being said, I think other tablet makers will push harder to be even more impressive than the Surface.  What hope of killing iPad if they can’t even touch the Surface, right?  Microsoft probably knows this and doesn’t really care if other tablet makers can make better Windows 8 tablets, because Microsoft’s main goal is to grow the Windows 8 adoption!  Perhaps, the Surface is only a challenge for Windows 8 tablet makers, and this challenge can flood the tablet market with Windows 8 tablets.  Microsoft depends on the vibrant Windows 8 tablet market and not anything else!!!

How come I think the Surface can challenge iPad?  The video right after the break shows why… and I think… it’s all about the ingenuity of how Microsoft had incorporated the colorful keyboard/cover into a really sleek tablet and yet allowing the tablet to remain super thin.  Plus, the Surface looks really sleek (i.e., the hardware is thin and gorgeous).  Have I already mentioned how Windows 8 does look more fitting on a tablet than any other mobile platforms?  I think I did, but let me say this again, Windows 8 is probably more fashionable than other mobile platforms that favor a mesh of tiny app icon mess.

Microsoft announcement of Smartglass app few weeks ago was definitely a plus for the Surface!  Microsoft probably had envisioned that people will use the Surface in conjunction with Smartglass, therefore Smartglass app will tie the Surface into the ecosystem of Xbox 360 or Xbox upcoming iterations.  Microsoft’s not so hidden agenda is probably having the Surface in as many living rooms as possible, because it will accompany Xbox (e.g., 360, upcoming iterations).  This way, Microsoft will become evermore relevant than Apple would have like.  I think Apple should fear of how people may think whenever they need a tablet they need to have the Surface, because the Surface allows users to unifying their living room entertainment experience.  Xbox iterations will be the only go to set top boxes, and these Xbox machines can too play real hardcore games.  The Surface will use Smartglass app to enhance the set top box and game experiences.  Nonetheless, there is rumor out there that Apple is literally trying to produce something that may change the whole TV experience.  Perhaps, Apple is literally making a TV?  If Apple can do it, Microsoft won’t be the only one who will change the living room experience for the better!

I Love My iPad Very Much, But I Can’t Just Be So Close To It Even Though I Really Want To! Kinky?

Left: iPhone 4. Right: iPad 2. Placed together...

Left: iPhone 4. Right: iPad 2. Placed together for size comparison. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is my honest assessment of my iPad usage since the day I bought it.  I have an iPad 2 from very early on, but I rarely use it!  How come?  Before I start to rant on, let me get something straight first!  I don’t plan to buy iPad 3 or however Apple calls it (the new iPad, I believe), because I rarely use iPad 2.  So, how come, right?  Well, iPad is a very good device and I’m loving it, but it’s just so limited for me.  Check out the points below that shine some light on why iPad 2 is so limited for me.

  • Watching Netflix on iPad 2 isn’t so satisfying, because I have my big screen TV (hooking up with PS3 and Xbox 360 for Netflix) or a 27″ computer monitor (hooking up with computer to watch Netflix)!
  • I find myself prefer watching Netflix on iPhone 4 since it’s lighter and smaller for on the go purpose (i.e., traveling).
  • Reading on iPad 2 is so so, because I prefer to read it with dedicated E-ink device such as Amazon’s Kindle.
  • Playing video games on iPad 2 isn’t fun, because I prefer better game experiences on my dedicated gaming PC/Desktop, Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles.
  • I find myself playing video games on iPhone 4 more than iPad 2 since iPhone 4 can be carried around at all times — how iPhone 4 follows me through thick and thin and I don’t imagine myself carrying iPad 2 around all day.
  • Working with files on iPad 2 just plain suck!  I rather do this on my MacBook Pro and Windows 7 PC and Ubuntu laptop.
  • Creating contents (e.g., making short films for YouTube, writing articles) with iPad 2 is a no no for me, because iPad 2 doesn’t have the power and the tools for me to work with my creative contents.  Plus, I cannot save my creative contents to local storage bank easily.  I care about the cloud, but I do care about local storage bank even more for obvious reasons (e.g., on-site access to save bandwidth, the whole nine yards).
  • I’ve always feel odd for holding iPad 2 in Starbucks, and yet I don’t feel odd for holding iPhone in Starbucks.  Don’t ask me why, because I don’t even know why!
  • Camera on iPhone 4 just works better than iPad 2 — probably the holding of iPhone 4 feels much more comfortable for camera usage purpose.
  • iPad 2 is great for browsing the web, but since I like to do many things at once (e.g., playing games, email, web browsing, creating contents, playing more games) and so I prefer to work with more powerful devices such as MacBook Pro and Windows 7 Desktop.
  • Listening to music cannot be done on iPad 2 in my case, because native Spotify app has not yet come out for iPad.  Plus, the sound on iPad 2 is a no no for listening to music.  I rather listen to music through iPhone 4 that hooks to my car’s auxiliary port (i.e., better sound from car’s array of speakers) or the awesome speakers from my PC.
  • I love blogging as you can see what I’m doing right now on this blog, but I’ve found out that blogging on iPad 2 is a real pain in the you know what.  End of story for this particular point, because iPad 2 cancels its true purpose if I have to carry an extra keyboard or bulky keyboard case around with it.

In the end, I think my iPad 2 is only a good backup for my iPhone 4.  That’s, when iPhone 4 runs out of battery and needs to be recharged.  That’s, when iPhone 4 needs to be replaced by another smartphone or iPhone newer generation model/device.  That’s, when iPhone 4 has issued with a particular on the go app (but this is most unlikely for me).  So, my honest opinion on iPad 2 or any iPad in general is that I don’t really care to have iPad, because it seems to me the device is just another netbook but with just some more advantages (i.e., not a whole lot more advantages I mean) in fashion, trend, and portability.  I’m not even close to 40s, and yet I feel I’m too old for the people who think iPad is the only thing they ever need!  I do feel smartphone has become evermore useful in terms of portability and usability, but I can’t say so for iPad!  Let me end this blog post with this, “I love my iPad very much, but I can’t just be so close to it even though I really want to!”  Kinky?

Inside Foxconn iPad Factory Video Shows Nice Working Conditions For Foxconn Employees, But Is This The Truth? It Might Be And It Might Not, Because People Like Us In The West Have Never Even Set A Foot In China!

Česky: Foxconn Pardubice, GPS: 50°1'28.591&quo...

Česky: Foxconn Pardubice, GPS: 50°1'28.591"N, 15°48'12.260"E (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Foxconn has been under scrutinized lately as it is known for manufacturing hot Apple’s products.  We know Foxconn isn’t only manufacturing products for Apple as it is also manufacturing products for other big tech brands such as Amazon (i.e., Kindle).  Nonetheless, many people are seeing Apple as an evil entity as they have believed that Foxconn’s employees are being pushed to piece together certain Apple products (i.e., iPad) under harsh working conditions.  Unfortunately, people like me in the West are definitely not knowing the real truth, whether Foxconn employees are really working under extreme conditions with low wages or vice versa, because the media has reported contradictory stories on Foxconn.  Some news would portrait Foxconn as a hell on earth, and others would praise Foxconn as if Foxconn is the best place to work in China.  Furthermore, videos like the one after the break contradict the stories on how Foxconn has treated their employees badly.

Propaganda or not, I guess we don’t really know the truth of Foxconn’s employee working conditions (i.e., too many contradictory news on Foxconn).  I guess we can only rely on the selected media we like to trust most for the messages on Foxconn’s employee working conditions.  In the end, most of us are the humans who want to be good to other humans, and we definitely wish Foxconn’s employees to have peace and prosper.

I do not really want to write extensively on the topic of why we are so angry to see Foxconn and similar companies in the East take jobs away from Americans.  Why?  I think it’s obvious that exporting jobs has to fall onto the shoulders of the corporations that send jobs to China.  Nobody has actually aimed a gun at the CEOs of such corporations and demanded them to ship jobs oversea, right?  In the end, the reality is all about location, location, location.  Building a product in a wrong location might cost a company a fortune, therefore we see many companies ship jobs over China so the bottom lines can be healthier.

Under the YouTube video above, I encountered a comment that commented how big corporations prefer to ship jobs over China since product turnover rate in general for high tech products nowadays is too fast and so these corporations cannot have everything relies on automatons (i.e., Chinese employees are cheaper this way).  It does sound like employees in countries similar to China are voluntary slave (i.e., willing to work for less wages and benefits), but it’s the reality.  Perhaps, one day when employees in these cheap labor countries get much higher wages, then automatons might be the preferable employees.  What does all of this mean for the employees of the West?  The reality is that I fear employees of the West might never again get to see the heyday of manufacturing.  Even worse, when one day big corporations can employ automatons for all tasks, even the jobs aren’t relating to manufacturing might have to hand over to automatons only.  When automatons get to repair and maintain automatons, it’s game over for the humans’ labor forces.  The question is, what people of the world do when automatons take over all jobs?

Upload Any File To iCloud, But You Got To Manually Rename The Upload File Correctly!


iCloud (Photo credit: BasBoerman)

I barely use iCloud, because I prefer Dropbox, Pogoplug (i.e., software only so it would turn a computer into Pogoplug device), Ubuntu One, CrashPlan, and FreeNAS (i.e., I prefer to virtualize FreeNAS until I can set up a proper physical FreeNAS box).  This is why I know so little about iCloud.  In fact, the only time I use iCloud is when I hit the iCloud button which allows me to backup my iPhone and iPad to free iCloud account (i.e., as this writing iCloud gives 5GB free storage space).  According to the video right after the break, iCloud isn’t allowing users to upload specific files from their Mac computers to iCloud, therefore you can’t really use iCloud as how you have been using Dropbox.  I’m perplexed why this is the case, but anyhow the video right after the break will show you how to upload any file to iCloud — it seems to me like a lot of work.  (Just stick with Dropbox instead?)

My Take On Why I Don’t Need iPad 3 Yet Or If Ever!

Shoppers brandishing their newly purchased iPa...

Image via Wikipedia

Although Apple simply names the newest iPad yet as the new iPad, I prefer to refer to the new iPad as iPad 3!  Why?  It’s simply making more sense to call the third version of the iPad as iPad 3 than calling iPad 3 as the new iPad.  This is my personal take anyway!

Should I buy iPad 3 even though I already have iPad 2?  This question must be running through any iPad 2 owner’s mind lately.  Of course, the answer to this question cannot be generalized since everyone is different in regarding to how one wishes to use iPad 2 or 3.  Personally, I think I stick with my iPad 2 for the obvious reasons.

  1. My iPad 2 looks shiny and new as the day I first unboxed it!
  2. Although my iPad 2 is 3G capable, I don’t use it with 3G but with WiFi only — so iPad 3’s 4G LTE will not be useful to me!
  3. iPad 2 has a camera which I rarely use, and so iPad 3’s better camera might be just as useless.  A camera on iPad might be only useful for FaceTime, but taking photos with it would be rather cumbersome since it’s not easily to be handled as a smartphone or a real camera.
  4. It turns out the speed of iPad 3’s processor is not much improved over iPad 2’s processor (i.e., hardly noticing).  This website has a post on the comparison of the speeds of the processors of the iPad 2 and 3.
  5. It’s well known iPad 3’s graphic is hugely improved over iPad 2, but come to think of iPad 2 graphic, it’s not bad.  Plus, if I really want to see something gorgeous digitally, I would use my big flat screen TV anyway.  Also, my Windows Desktop has a very nice 25″ monitor which works beautifully in term of displaying gorgeous images.  I think iPad 2 is perfectly OK as displaying things on the go as it is.  Perhaps, iPad 6 or 7 comes out, then I’ll upgrade just for the heck of it to have a how many more times gorgeous display on the go (i.e., how many more times better graphic than iPad 3).
  6. iPad 3 has more RAM than iPad 2.  Even though iPad 2 has half of the RAM of iPad 3, I don’t see myself doing anything that is so RAM expensive on a tablet that I have to go for iPad 3.  Come to think of it, iPad 3’s 1 GB of RAM isn’t so much more than iPad 2’s 512 MB RAM, because anything RAM heavy in traditional sense might have to be 2 GB of RAM or more.  Well, that’s my take anyway on RAM spec for iPads.
  7. iPad 2 is thinner and lighter and has the similar battery lifespan as iPad 3, I think I’ll stick with iPad 2 for now!
  8. iPad 3’s design isn’t so different or better than iPad 2, therefore I don’t see iPad 2 is out of fashion in term of trend.
  9. Perhaps, when I buy iPad 9, I can brag I still have iPad 2 all along — and it looks shiny as the day I first bought it!

The reasons above are my take on why I should not buy an iPad 3!  Of course, the people who never have had an iPad ever, they should not follow my reasoning on why I should not buy an iPad 3, because they don’t even have an iPad yet!  Plus, I think the first generation iPad owners should consider an upgrade to iPad 3, because the specs for iPad 3 are vastly improved over their first generation iPad.  It’s just that I think iPad 2 owners might need to think twice before they decide to upgrade their iPad 2 to iPad 3, because it’s just too expensive and too early to do so (i.e., the improvements of iPad 3 over iPad 2 aren’t vast).  To end this post, I have to say the day I see myself upgrading from iPad 2 to whatever iPad newest version yet is the day that I have to use an app that is too powerful for iPad 2 to handle!