Amazing Guzheng Performances

I don’t know much about Chinese Guzheng instruments, but I like how these instruments sound.  There are various types of Guzheng.  According to Wikipedia, Guzheng is the ancestor of several Asian Zither instruments.  Anyhow, thanks to YouTube, I’m able to look up several videos that showcase awesome Guzheng performances.  Enjoy these videos right after the break!

I’m sure you can find more awesome Guzheng and Đàn Tranh videos on YouTube and elsewhere on the Internet.

Personal Note:  Đàn Tranh is Vietnamese Zither which is a descendant of Chinese Guzheng.  Since I’m a Vietnamese American, I’m glad to know that Vietnam (Việt Nam) has a variation of Guzheng musical instrument.

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New Music Single “Sax it up!” By Vinh Nguyen

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Sax it up 01 music cover art