HelloSign Saved My Day!

So, you don’t have a scanner, but you need to sign a simple form so you can email the form to a form recipient.  You know you don’t scan anything unless you have to, and you are sure that you won’t scan anything for a long time to come.  Buying a scanner is going to cost you some money, and you are hesitating to spend any money at the moment.  So, what can you do in this horrible situation?

I had met the situation above just recently, and boy I thought I was out of option.  Nonetheless, I did a Google search and found out about how to send online/electronic form (with legally binding electronic signature).  Obviously, since I don’t have a scanner, the form I sent wasn’t strict about the accuracy of a signature, therefore I could use an electronic signature that got created by HelloSign.  Yep, HelloSign is an online service which allows you to send legally binding electronic signature in whatever document or form.  HelloSign saved my day!

Anyhow, with HelloSign, you can also create document/form which allows other party or parties to sign.  I don’t know about the complexity of the process of form/document which requires other party or parties to sign, but self signing form is really simple.  By the way, HelloSign members get free unlimited self signing form service.  Anyhow, the self signing form is simply requiring you to upload the document, create an online/electronic signature, inserting the signature into the form, adding the recipient email address, and then just email the form away.

OK, you might wonder since I don’t have the scanner, how did I get the form into my computer in the first place and then upload to HelloSign, right?  Since my form was a simple form with a paragraph or two and a signature line, therefore I opened up Pages (document application on Mac OS X) and typed the form away.  I strung the underscore key on the keyboard together into the signature line, and before long I got a document/form that I could upload to HelloSign.  Of course, if you don’t have Pages, you can use LibreOffice (free, open source office suite).

Anyhow, in summary, I think HelloSign service and similar services are really helpful to people who face similar situation as mine.  With HelloSign, I was able to send a form with legally binding signature freely to a form recipient.  Thank you HelloSign!