Mars Images App Allows You To See Latest Mars Pictures From Opportunity Rover

According to Wired, NASA has released a new app for iPhone and iPad, allowing iOS users to receive latest Mars images directly from NASA’s Opportunity rover.  How directly?  I’m not sure!  Nonetheless, I think this app will be able to excite science geeks.  Unfortunately, the amazing sturdy Opportunity rover (launched in 2003 and made to Mars in 2004) could not send images in color, or else I would be just excited as those science geeks.  I know, I’m asking too much, but it’s a perspective from a non-science geek anyway!  So, the next time you ponder on what is up with Mars, you can always pull out Mars Images app and check out some Mars photos.  Don’t forget to pray for Opportunity rover’s long life, OK?  For your information, Mars Images app can be found on Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad.