4K Resolution Unigine Heaven Benchmark For SLI GTX 1080 Founder Editions Graphics Cards

My 4K resolution benchmark for SLI GTX 1080 graphics cards.

4K Resolution Unigine Heaven Benchmark For GTX 1080 Graphics Card

Just finished benchmarking GTX 1080 in 4K resolution with Unigine Heaven benchmark software.  Yep, even with GTX 1080, 4K benchmark is still kicking you know what.  The graphics settings were all on the extreme side, and so I wasn’t surprised to see GTX 1080 was struggled.  Anyhow, Unigine could only run with DirectX 11 and not 12, and so I think if it was able to use DirectX 12 the benchmark score could be a lot higher.  Anyhow, check it out.

NovaBench, A Free Benchmark Tool For Mac

Are you the statistical geek?  If you’re a statical geek and obsessing with computer benchmarks, you may like this free app I’ve found in Mac’s App Store known as NovaBench.  NovaBench is quick, so quick that I fear for its benchmark accuracy.  Within a minute or so, NovaBench tests your Mac for system RAM, CPU, graphic, and hardware.  NovaBench recommends you to shut down all applications before you run it for accuracy.  I did that, but refused to shut down my security suite which contains Antivirus and the likes, and NovaBench reports my Mac has a score of 756 in total.

NovaBench also reports each test score for each separated test, and these are RAM test, CPU tests, graphic tests, and hardware tests.  Besides checking out your own NovaBench tests, you can upload your tests to NovaBench’s website for comparison with others.  As for being paranoid about privacy, even though I may have made something out of a mountain of molehill, I’ve refused to send my NovaBench’s tests in detail to its website for comparison, but you may not care.  So, statistical, benchmark computer geeks, what you have to say about NovaBench and its accuracy?  Is this NovaBench worth the time for you to play around with or to install it onto your Mac?