He Is From Mars, She Is From Venus

Just another poetry of mine.  Enjoy!!!

  • If he is from Mars
  • And she is from Venus
  • Both take a visit to Earth
  • And shook their heads
  • And sigh without shyness
  • Voicing that earth is barren
  • Only dry rocks play with boiling sun
  • If he yearns back toward Mars
  • And she yearns back toward Venus
  • Both stand on Earth’s barren back
  • And stare hard at their home worlds
  • And admire their teeming worlds
  • Voicing that their worlds are blessed
  • Truly, teeming with life
  • If they take a look at each other
  • They might be of different species
  • Nonetheless they have life which breathes into them
  • Nonetheless they have nutrients that race within them
  • Nonetheless they have windows that frame the beauty of the cosmic
  • Nonetheless they can be inspired by their own civilizations
  • Nonetheless they can say that Earth is truly barren
  • If they think hard
  • One might wonder if they think that there might be other Mars
  • If they think hard
  • One might wonder if they think that there might be other Venus
  • Perhaps no two Mars are exactly the same
  • Perhaps no two Venus are identical
  • At least these other Mars and Venus might not be as barren as Earth

Beyond Our Own Solar System, A Stellar Flare Had Tons Of Gas Ejected From A Planet 63 Light Years Away From Us. Earth Is Much Luckier As It Is Not Too Close To The Sun!

C3-class Solar Flare Erupts on Sept. 8, 2010 [...

C3-class Solar Flare Erupts on Sept. 8, 2010 [Detail] (Photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video)

HD 189733b is a planet which often has found itself to intermittently eject tons of gas each second.  It usually happens when its star, HD 189733A, blasts a powerful X-ray flare at planet HD 189733b.  As now though, it seems that planet HD 189733b does have plenty of gas to spare.  The most recent flare which observed on Sept. 7, 2011 by Swift’s X-ray telescope suggested planet HD 189733b had ejected about 1,000 tons of gas each second.  Anyhow, the video right after the break will explain better than I do in regarding to what had happened to planet HD 189733b.  For your information, if you want to know more about Swift satellite, you can check it out at NASA’s own webpage here.

Afterthought:  I think they call stellar flare as a solar flare of not our own sun but from another star of another solar system.  I guess we can say a stellar flare is any kind of flare that can be categorized to be similar to our own solar flare.


Mars One Plans To Create A Human Settlement On Mars By 2023

Artist impression of a Mars settlement with cu...

Artist impression of a Mars settlement with cutaway view (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The idea of humans to colonize Mars by 2023 is so extraordinary that it scares me.  It scares me that this idea will fail terribly!  It scares me that hope will be crushed and space programs will go into a withdrawal.  Nonetheless, it’s a noble idea and an idea that has no parallel so far.  Of course, there are ideas that even more absurd than to colonize Mars, but those ideas are so absurd that there little to no opportunity for such ideas to be fully realized.  Colonizing Mars though is a different story as Mars One seems to have a plan for how to colonizing Mars in 2023.

Mars One is a project which will start sending first 4 humans (astronauts) to colonize Mars in 2023.  This is one way mission or one way ticket, because whoever arrives on Mars through Mars One project will not plan to get back home (earth).  Nonetheless, should Mars One train the first 4 astronauts the basic knowledge of science in making the right equipments and spacecrafts so they might use such knowledge to improvise their way home – in the case of homesickness?  Sorry for the digression.  Every two year after the first Mars One Mars landing, a new group of humans would join the Mars One settlement on Mars.

Mars One plans to make this idea a reality in a big way.  How big?  As in very big entertainment!  It’s unclear though how Mars One will entertain the world with their missions!!!  Will Mars One allow people to see real preparations for human settlement on Mars through videos and images?  Will Mars One create a TV reality around their missions?  (The baddest reality TV show on earth, ever!!!)  Will Mars One do what to entice people about Mars One human settlement on Mars?

Set the hypes about Mars One aside, I think in the end, it matters most that humans can colonize Mars.  To colonize Mars isn’t something we just wake up and say let do it.  I think colonizing Mars is a lot more difficult than anything else we have done with space programs in the pasts.  Imagine how lonely it will be for the first few groups of humans to settle on Mars.  The Mars One settlement will grow at a slow pace, and the loneliness of living on Mars will continue to grow for the Mars One settlers.  Living on Mars might require Mars One settlers to be extra careful in their daily activities.  It’s not like they can breath without proper equipments on Mars.  Without enough knowledge to repair and remake proper equipments and tools, Mars One settlers might be stranded on Mars.  To be stranded on Mars is not the same as to live on Mars.  So on and so on…

Enough with my rant since I don’t know much about Mars One anyway.  My little knowledge of Mars One was acquired through watching the video right after the break, so you go ahead and enjoy the video!!!  I was very much enjoyed the video myself!!!

Afterthought:  I’m so glad that they are planning to colonize Mars in my lifetime.  I don’t really have to read science fiction books and dream for the coming of such a day/event.  Even if Mars One mission will fail, I think it’s one of the noblest adventures, explorations, experimentations, and ideas that humankind has ever attempted.  Mars One might be a stepping stone for even greater aspirations and achievements to come.  After all, we do not have an insurance for earth, and earthlings are too eager to destroy it — therefore we need to know how to colonize other planets in a hurry.

Source:  http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/upshot/mars-one-one-way-ticket-red-planet-192011042.html

A Day To Ponder On A Theory Of Nothing; Forms Of Life Might Exist Everywhere

Description of relations between Axial tilt (o...

Image via Wikipedia

Here is a crazy theory of mine, forms of life might exist everywhere.  Let me start with the planets are large!  In fact, planets are gigantic.  Nowadays, we don’t really have to argue that planets are round or flat, because we came to such understanding rather well when the first time us humans had escaped the earth atmosphere and entered a region beyond the influence of earth known as space.  Us humans had seen with our own eyes that the earth wasn’t flat.  Other planets too weren’t flat since we could observe them with telescopes long before we had our first group of humans in space.  The concept of all planets and stars aren’t flat is rather well tested by now, and so there should not be a rejection to this concept unless one is a fool or an ignorant bliss.

As we scale things ever smaller or larger, it is almost as fact that shapes of all sizes of most things prefer to take up some forms of near roundness.  A galaxy composes of countless stars and planets and space rocks of all sizes as a whole has a form of complexity in roundness and not flat.  Not one galaxy but all galaxies are like that.  We can also suspect that the general composition of all galaxies could not appear flat or 2D, but it’s more of the same in regarding to what we have seen as roundness of all things.  Sure, we can cherrypick one in trillion to profess the flatness of things, but the overall complexity of flatness will have to fall short.  Perhaps, the universe itself is closer to round than flat?

One might try to argue that if larger things are almost always somehow preferring the shapes of near roundness, smaller things of the smallest things of all might not be so.  In fact, us humans as now might not know the true shapes of atoms (i.e., things are so small that would not matter to humans’ everyday visualizations).  Instead of knowing for a fact that atoms are round, us humans just simply accept the elements with atomic scale are round.  Us humans forcefully give roundness or near roundness shapes to atomic elements such as electron, photon, and others.  Perhaps, we so wishful of having all things near roundness, the idea might hold true universally.

Let the craziness begins.  Earth spins on its own axis, and so other planets and stars spin on their own axises too.  The experts go as far to have spin on atoms.  The explanations of the atomic spin are rather hard to understand, and so I’m not even worrying about understanding it.  First one of the craziness, how about galaxies spin on their own axises too?  Second one of the craziness, how about the universe of itself spins on its own axis?  Third one of the craziness, how about whatever that holds the universe and other universes spins on its own axis?

Let get even crazier!  Earth has forms of life and whatnot.  Although we haven’t found another planet that is as lively as earth, we sure have countless more in the trillions of trillions that beg us to come and explore for some forms of life.  We might argue that the stars are too explosive and hostile for any form of life to exist, but are we that sure?  How come we are so knowing it all in the matter of there isn’t life within any star when we has never had an exploration within a star, ever?  We might know the limitations of how most forms of life could exist in what conditions, but we might not know these limitations are only of our own beliefs.  Fourth one of the craziness, how about forms of life exist everywhere?  Where?  Perhaps, even on every atom, there might be some forms of life?

In conclusion, we can never truly know everything!  To theorize everything is to theorize nothing.  It’s our limitation of being human, I guess.  I don’t think humans can yet come up with technology that shrinks humans down to the atomic scale, allowing humans travel inside atomic spaceship which carries them throughout the interior of the atomic universe.  Until that day, I guess we have to accept that forms of life might lurk everywhere, and even it has to come down to the belief that some forms of life might exist within the atomic universe. Of course, we cannot just give up on theorizing everything even though by theorizing everything is to theorize nothing.  In fact, we should be proud and theorize nothing until there is really nothing to be theorized.  That day might never come, but for being arrogant humans as we are, we are sure happy to go about such a crazy task.  So, let theorize that forms of life might exist on each atom.