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I Dream Of Parallel Worlds   

This is one of my fantasies.  I fantasize that whenever I dream while sleeping, I actually have a glimpse into my life of myself in a parallel world.  There may be an endless number of parallel worlds out there, and so I would have endless different dreams of this sort.  Although this is a fantasy of mine, it does bring up the topic of how strange of a world when we scale things down to the level of quantum mechanics.

Quantum mechanics is a field in which people are studying things at a scale that cannot be seen with the naked eye.  Obviously, this is how I’ve described quantum mechanics, and it’s rather plain.  The official definition of quantum mechanics is much more elegant.  Regardless of the definition of quantum mechanics, the important point I want to point out in regard to quantum mechanics is that it’s rather strange because quantum mechanics scientists point out that matter can behave as both a particle and a wave.  This means matters in quantum scale (e.g., electron, proton, neutron) can be both particle and wave at the same time.

Quantum mechanic scientists use all sorts of experiments such as shooting individual electrons through a barrier with slits to explain this duality behavior (i.e., behaving as both particle and wave) of quantum mechanical things.  So, it’s easier for us to imagine each grain of crushed rock as a particle, but it’s harder for us to imagine each grain of crushed rock as a wave.  Nonetheless, since each grain of crushed rock can multiply upon one another to form a wave of grains, I guess we can imagine a dune or wave of grains of crushed rock.  Perhaps, we can make an assumption that the duality behavior of a quantum mechanical thing allows it as a particle to be multiplied into the wave.  Or we can also say the potential of all things can be both particle and wave.  For example, we can also realize the form of a thing at the quantum mechanical level is also made of waves of particles.

From the realization of the duality behavior of all things at the quantum mechanical level, quantum mechanics scientists realize even stranger phenomena such as spooky action at a distance.  Furthermore, from the realization of the duality behavior of all things on a quantum scale, quantum mechanics scientists reluctantly accept that the specific location of any individual quantum thing is uncertain.  This means a particle at the quantum mechanical level would appear in a place that is not so precisely predictable.  Wave may explain why a particle at the quantum mechanical level is behaving this way.

How is all this has any relatable connection to my fantasy?  Well, my dreams are always appearing to be out of this world, because none of my dreams can make any sense when I’m awake.  While I’m asleep, these dreams strangely seem to be making sense as if I relive a part of my life in a parallel world.  Quantum mechanic scientists probably suspect that things on the scale of quantum mechanical level may be able to seep through parallel worlds if there are to be parallel worlds in reality.  Of course, I cannot expect my fantasy to become true, but I like to fantasize that my dreams are indeed allowing me to glimpse into parallel worlds.

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