Almost Human, He Needs A Body To Feel Human

Almost real, because he got only the head but not the body.  What am I talking about?  Oh, I’m just admiring the YouTube video right after the break as it shows a computer generated head with a neck but it got no body.  Nonetheless, this computer generated graphic looks almost like a real human being.  I think if applying this sort of technology in a video game will make so called next gen video games look like 1990s over again.  Maybe?  Perhaps, the future film industry does not need real actor.  Maybe?  Anyway, check out the video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!


Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – Vietnamese 2013 New Year, Year Of Snake, Random Shots

Vietnamese 2013 New Year, Year of Snake, Sneak Peek Photo

Vietnamese 2013 New Year, Year of Snake, Sneak Peek Photo

Yesterday was an eventful day for me.  Drove my mom to a Buddhist temple to celebrate a Vietnamese New Year (2013 — a year of snake).  Took some photos there.  When we left the Buddhist temple, we witnessed the aftermath of a freak car accident on a highway.  A car was burned to crisp, but before that a flame was engulfed the car, ejecting huge plume of smoke up high into the air.  Another car was flipped upside-down with broken glasses.  Furthermore, I think there was a third car which involved with this accident, but I’m not sure.  Anyhow, I took some photos of the accident with my HTC 8x smartphone camera.  Luckily, I also remembered I had Nikon D3200 with me and so I used it to capture the accident scene some more.  Unfortunately, I could only capture the burning car with engulfing flame on HTC 8X smartphone camera, because by the time I got my Nikon D3200 out the firefighter had arrived onto the scene and blocked up the view and did what they had to in putting out the flame.  Anyhow, as usual, in post production, I retouched the photos I took on February 10th of 2013 with Lightroom 4, and now these photos are on Flickr for you all to see.  Enjoy ’em photos by going to (my photo blog) or just view the slideshow right after the break.

Working With Lightroom: Incorporating Personal Cloud With Lightroom To Free Up Local Disk Space

In the video right after the break, I’m working with Lightroom 4, therefore if you’re using a different Lightroom version, things I talk about within the video might turn out to be somewhat different for you.  Nonetheless, the main concept should be the same.  Anyhow, in the video, I emphasize retouching photos in Lightroom on a local hard drive first, and then move the original photos that you don’t have the need to work with anymore over to the personal cloud for safekeeping.  This way, you organize your original photos in the personal cloud and free up the local disk space.  Also, you can always move the same original photos from the personal cloud back to the local hard drive for retouching.  The trick is to do all of this within Lightroom user interface.  If you are going about doing this manually (i.e., digging into local hard drive and move the photos manually without letting Lightroom knows of what you’re doing), Lightroom might not know how to update the metadata and locations of the original photos in Lightroom’s archive database.  The whole idea is to use Lightroom to organize your photos locally or over the network.  When you’re doing this neatly within Lightroom, whenever the need arises, you can easily recall the original photos for further retouching.

Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – Empty Strip Mall And Unfinished Building

Empty Strip Mall And Unfinished Building Sneak Peek Photo

Empty Strip Mall And Unfinished Building Sneak Peek Photo

I took some photos today, and the theme is pointing out two frequent symptoms that we have seen occurring quite frequently in today, bad U.S. economy.  Some think we’re still in a recession, others think we’re in a depression.  Are we getting out this bad economy yet?  Are we about to?  I don’t think anyone would know, but let hope good things will come for our economy in the near future.  At least, hope is an optimistic kind of thing.

Anyhow, I took these photos and retouched them in Lightroom 4 as usual.  You can check them photos out by clicking on the sneak peek photo.  Feeling lazy?  You don’t have to take a direct hop over to my Flickr set to view these photos, because I post a slideshow of these photos right after the break.  Enjoy!!!  (You can also visit EndlessBit to check out all the photos that I took in the past up to the present!)

Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – Lake Lanier Partly Dry Up

Lake Lanier Partly Dry Up Sneak Peek Photo

Lake Lanier Partly Dry Up Sneak Peek Photo

Just took some more photos of Lake Lanier, but this time I took them photos from different vantage point of Lake Lanier.  This time, I like to emphasize the drought condition in Georgia by taking photos that show part of Lake Lanier is now only puddles of water.  The irony is that, on the other side of the road, Lake Lanier is still looking gorgeous as ever.  Anyhow, you should check out them photos at my EndlessBit photoblog.  Feeling lazy?  You don’t have to hop over to EndlessBit, because you can just check out the slideshow right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Dodging Bullets Is Not My Kind Of Photography, But I Bet Mr. Fujimoto Would Beg The Differ.

Category:Wikipedia requested photographs of ph...

Category:Wikipedia requested photographs of photography (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m into photography lately, but the BusinessInsider’s “Meet The Japanese Tourist Who Is Vacationing On The Front Line Of The Syrian Civil War” story actually makes me feel like I’m not really serious about being a photographer.  How?  Just getting out to a strange place to take some photos is already somewhat a discouraging aspect to me.  Street photography?  Well, let say I’m reluctantly to do so and have done it very badly.  For Mr. Fujimoto, he is not only serious about taking photos, but he puts himself in danger zones, in warzones such as Syria, to have his way with his photography.  Albeit, he is only vacationing in Syria and taking his photos there for the occasion, but how he is doing it with his photography is already beyond me.  I say, this man is either brave or foolish, but I like to think he is awesome and brave since I wish I can do the same.  Unfortunately, I’m too lazy, selfish, and scare to do such a thing like him, unless one day I change my mind about my own photography.

For your information, as BusinessInsider’s story broke, Mr. Fujimoto isn’t a very wealthy man, and he has wished that one day he wants to provide some financial comforts to his daughters.  Also, his photography isn’t making him money or anything like that besides for making him well known now.  So, he is doing this for excitements and passion.  Nonetheless, I think if he survives all of his super dangerous adventures or vacations, soon or later I think someone might eventually sponsor him for whatever reasons.  I think this man deserves some attention in regarding to his photography.  The way he takes his photos in those dangerous places isn’t something most photographers would imagine of doing so.  It’s not like most photographers would automatically wake up one morning and say let dodge bullets in warzones for some great photos.

The dangerous aspect of filming and photographing wars isn’t something to be undermined easily.  Sure, when you leave your own comforting home, you can still get into some sort of dangers, but running around in warzones is definitely going to raise the risk level through the roof.  Keep dodging some of those bullets Mr. Fujimoto!  Meet Mr. Fujimoto right after the break!