Try To Imagine A Picture Of A World With Infinite Dimensions

Certain theories map out how many dimensions we’re having.  For an example, a Superstring theory requires 10 dimensions to make sense, and if this is the case then the roadmap to 10 dimensions has been mapped out.  Don’t ask me why Superstring theory requires 10 dimensions, because I don’t know the details.  Nonetheless, they, the experts in whatever field that comes up with this theory suggest and theorize that it takes 10 dimensions to make sense of their theory.  For all I know I could be wrong in how I generalize their point of view about what make their theory makes sense in the first place.  Regardless, I want to focus not on anything else but the idea of infinite number of dimensions.  Basically, why should anything be limited when there is infinite, right?

Unlimited dimensions or infinite number of dimensions could mean my mind is about to be exploded.  Something complex as 10 dimensional theory such as Superstring theory is already too hard to grasp, but who would dare to take on the challenge of mathematically calculating the possibility of infinite number of dimensions?  Just imagining the idea of living in a world where infinite dimensions is the norm would be a task in which only the Gods can take on.  For us humans, 3 dimensional speaking is something we are accustomed to, because we can measure our positions in our space relatively intuitive.  For Einstein though, he added a fourth dimension which is time to accurately explain his special theory of relativity.  Thus traveling at the speed of light time may bend.

But why stop at 3, 4, or even 10 dimensional universe, because an imagination does not limit the idea of an infinite dimensional universe.  Thus, the idea of unlimited dimensional theory is definitely mind blowing.  I wonder, perhaps we and everything that has ever existed within all dimensions are being encompassed by the infinite dimensional spatial.  Only through this conjecture that my brain can wrap around the idea of other dimensional spatial does exist.  Basically, I don’t think it’s sensible to think a limited dimensional universe could exist by itself, because it had to be created and caressed by something else.  For the most basic instinct, we could theorize that baby comes from the parents (without being too technical such as eggs and sperms).  Should the basic instinct be correct about everything is being encompassed by the infinite dimensional spatial?

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