Beautiful Skyrim Gameplay Episode 2

In this episode, Draemorae is seeking out the Graybeards in High Hrothgar.  Enjoy!!!

11 thoughts on “Beautiful Skyrim Gameplay Episode 2

  1. I just started playing Skyrim again too. I downloaded the 2K textures of of Nexus Mods along with a few other essential mods and I’m having a blast with it. I still need to get my better embers, fire, and other stuff like that :].

    • Awesome. Although Skyrim isn’t MMORPG, but I don’t know why I find it to be way more fun than most MMORPG(s) out there. I guess, Bethesda knows how to weave a lore and make arts really well. Perhaps, Skyrim’s arts and story plus the flexibility of mods that have me playing Skyrim again.

      • Skyrim is a full 10 to me. It doesn’t need to be an MMO. We already have one failure of an Elder Scrolls MMO in The Elder Scrolls Online. I would rather have a great single player experience over a mediocre MMO anyday. It’s a shame though because I really wanted to like ESO.

      • I’m hearing that ESO is going free2play. Sometimes this month I think, but I’m forgetting when this will occur exactly. I think ESO’s arts are nice but lacking in realism somehow. Skyrim provides that realism arts for me. Nonetheless, I may play both Skyrim and ESO at the same time for kicks, because ESO is going to be free2play.

      • ESO is not going to be F2P it’s going to be Buy to play. Only people that already own ESO will be able to play it for free.

        Graphics was never the problem with ESO. It’s everything else. It’s an Elder Scrolls Lite when compared to every other Elder Scrolls game.

      • Yep, you stated the situation of ESO rather eloquently. Nonetheless, I’ve heard ESO is improving, because the developers of this game is trying hard to make it better. I know what you mean by ESO as Elder Scrolls Lite. Talking about ESO’s graphics, the arts are pretty for sure, but I don’t know why the arts and graphics of Skyrim feel more awesome and lore friendly to me. It’s interesting that ESO is an MMORPG which allows mods, and so I may look forward for testing out ESO with mods in the near future. About Buy to play of ESO, I think the developers of this game deserve to be paid as they need to make a living just like anyone else, thus Buy to play is still a better model than ESO’s previous business model which was Buy plus Subscribe to play.

      • I’ve written quite a lot about ESO. Graphically, the game is okay. FF14ARR, Guild Wars 2, Tera, and even Neverwinter all look better than ESO. Graphics aren’t everything to me.

        Skyrim does look better than ESO. They both use the same engine btw.

      • Nice to know both games use same engine, because I don’t know this for sure. Of course, graphics aren’t everything, but graphics are there to boost the immersion of the game. Thus, I won’t underestimate the importances of graphics for video games. At least, graphics help me love Skyrim more than ESO, because ESO too has plenty of quests and things to do. For me, Skyrim’s graphics create style that ESO cannot get. I guess, I mean arts when I’m referring to graphics. For an example, in Skyrim, I feel the arts to be immersive somehow, but it’s not so for ESO. Newer games came out with nextgen graphics, and yet I don’t put much hours in playing them as how I’ve had for Skyrim, Eve Online, and so forth.

      • You say graphics don’t matter, but it’s all you’re talking about :].

        I don’t care how good ESO looks. It’s not a good game when compared to previous Elder Scrolls games. Eso was just disappointing.

      • On the point ESO isn’t great as Skyrim, I wholeheartedly agree with you. I played Oblivion before, but I can’t remember how good it is. I haven’t touched Oblivion for a very long time. Oh, graphically, it’s hard for me to grasp, because sometimes graphics are everything to me and other times they are just window dressing. For Skyrim versus ESO, graphics do matter a lot to me. ESO’s graphics just turn me off somehow. LOL… can’t explain.

      • I’ll just say to each their own then :].

        Graphics are the least important thing to me in a game. A game have outstanding graphics and suck like The Order does or have mediocre graphics and be awesome like Xcom or any Civilization game.

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