Forgiving Is Not The Same As Forgetting (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

On the day a son died in war,
then a father weeped evermore,
his body was lost to the war,
then a mother grieved evermore.

As he left on that day to war,
his daughter was still in a womb,
on the day he was forever lost to the war,
a cute baby cried for milk, no longer in a womb.

Years later, a grandmother remembered her son,
as his body was recovered by mere accidence,
a grandfather rekindled good memories of his son,
and the granddaughter was stirred by the incidence.

The war that killed her father was historic to her,
a father who she could only picture in a war history,
grandparents’ undying love memories reminded her,
a father she never had was more than just mere history.

The war once waged began to be forgotten,
yet a newer one was brewing, nearing a boiling point,
as she was remembering a father who was forgotten,
history was about to repeat a boiling point.

Forgiving is not the same as forgetting,
moving on is not about forgetting a history,
although she forgave how her father was dying,
she could not forget a father who never was in her history.

As newer conflicts were brewing,
a granddaughter was all grownup and about to be married,
a baby was kicking inside her every morning,
here she prayed for never seeing her man to be buried.

Her praying went unheeded by the gods,
conflicts turned into war, repeating a history she knew,
she had yet to be married to her man under the gods,
here a war came, threatening to burry a man she always knew.

Her unborn son might have to forgive his father’s war,
but she swore in having her son picturing his father well,
as she kissed her man goodbye, sending him into war,
she would pray to the gods to treat her man well.

Forgiving is not the same as forgetting,
moving on is not about forgetting a history,
here she prayed for her man’s returning,
while her son cried for a father who repeated a history.

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