Heroes (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • There is this Nile River,
  • that fed on some ancient cultures,
  • and yet it too was a generous river,
  • that had fed these ancient cultures.
  • As history had clearly run its course,
  • the Nile witnessed the rises of empires,
  • rising just so they could be fallen in due course,
  • fallen they were, yet heroes fought for their empires.
  • Too many heroes had died by their swords,
  • because they believed a will to change the world,
  • as they bled to sharpen their swords,
  • dying by their swords, had they changed the world?
  • Nonetheless, whether dying by a sword or a pen,
  • these heroes believed they had changed the world,
  • as we glanced at history we could sense,
  • it was the will of the Nile that had changed the world.
  • Nonetheless, could we be so wrong,
  • as without our heroes our world would be so different,
  • whether the Nile’s will was strong,
  • our heroes bled by their tools till the world was so different.
  • Albeit, not a single hero could completely change the world,
  • one by one, they had left their legacies for us to adorn,
  • inspiring by their legacies we would vow to bend the world,
  • one by one, we would vow to make history for others to adorn.
  • Whether the Nile’s will was strong,
  • whether the weather was fair,
  • our heroes sieged the throng,
  • shaping history when others wouldn’t dare.

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