Pen’s Mightier Than Sword (Poem By Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • These wise words once spoke,
  • among the wise ones once lived,
  • as their lips pronounced these words,
  • gasping sounds could be heard,
  • among the crowded followers,
  • how could this be they asked,
  • among themselves they pondered,
  • how could it be true they wondered,
  • that a pen could be mightier than a sword,
  • a pen could not kill a man,
  • yet a sword could pierce a hole inside a man,
  • so how could it be true,
  • that a pen could outdo a sword,
  • and so they all wondered,
  • and pondered on the wise ones’ words.
  • If a pen could outwit a sword,
  • in thousands of way it could,
  • thousands of time mightier it could,
  • then it could surely bend truth,
  • and truth would become lie,
  • and lie would become truth,
  • all the while accruing gazillion followers,
  • who could never know why,
  • countless swords had done pen’s bidding,
  • with just one stroke a pen struck,
  • gazillion swords sprang forward en-masse,
  • gazillion swords got struck down en-masse,
  • gazillion swords sacrificed en-masse,
  • gazillion swords were lied to en-masse,
  • gazillion swords were insignificant en-masse.
  • It could be forever hard,
  • to split a hair from truth to lie,
  • thus a pen could struck a lie,
  • and so a wolf was wearing a sheep skin,
  • eating Red Riding Hood alive,
  • thus it should be wise,
  • for one to seek truth,
  • even when one was with truth,
  • as one would never know,
  • a truth wasn’t so truthfully,
  • thus one should question truth,
  • until one was sure to have found truth,
  • even then one would be doubtful,
  • as truth and lie was a hair split,
  • all could be very relative!

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