More Hamlet Was Right On (Poem By Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • When war of words got a free ride,
  • it was all fun and dice,
  • until real bullets started to fly,
  • people would then realize,
  • a life was worth not having to die.
  • People were naive and childish,
  • to think war of words was Hamlet-ish,
  • a show according to a wish,
  • water was full of naive fish,
  • and so ignorance was a bliss.
  • Time was like an ocean,
  • boring waves of everyday devotion,
  • hitting the shore of mediocre ambition,
  • after nonstop waves of oscillation,
  • it was time for a Hamlet sensation.
  • The show must go on they bade,
  • amidst the confusion of charades,
  • only few of them could truly say,
  • only real blood could make their day,
  • and so Hamlet wasn’t up to their shade.
  • The circus of insanity rolled on,
  • mattered not how insane a con,
  • mattered not if it was a neutron,
  • naive fish in this sea swam on,
  • more Hamlet was right on.

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