Superiority Is Forever Lonely (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • I know you want to reach for the sky
  • and tell yourself that you can fly,
  • feeling superiority and all,
  • flying above and will not fall,
  • among the clouds I come along,
  • in your eyes I’m not so strong,
  • how can there be this me,
  • without your superiority to be,
  • scratching your head in the clouds,
  • my presence isn’t making you so proud,
  • with a superiority will you have,
  • promising to yourself that you’ve to adapt,
  • an ethos of the superiority,
  • here up high you shall cleanse me,
  • helplessly, I fall down to the ground,
  • my end is destined as I’m falling down,
  • one less me is cleansed from the clouds,
  • perhaps in this moment you feel more proud,
  • and on you go cleansing others,
  • just so your superiority is the charter,
  • perhaps one day you have no equal,
  • by then what will you do with your ethos,
  • as you feel so proud with your superiority,
  • yet without an ethos you feel so empty,
  • among the clouds without me and others,
  • color blindness has become the order,
  • here up high among the clouds,
  • you’ve no longer feel superior and proud,
  • gone the days when the clouds were colorful,
  • now here up high everything is too sorrowful,
  • it’s now too late for you to regret,
  • as nothing you can do to repaint the rest,
  • just because of your superiority,
  • color blindness order is forever into the infinity,
  • an order that goes so bland,
  • and now you don’t feel so grand,
  • your superiority has wiped out the evolution,
  • ending the many billion years old revolution,
  • with a new revolution, here and into the infinity,
  • you shall forever be lonely.

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