Will United States And China Go To War Against Each Other?

I’m no expert on China or Asia, because all I know about the current events and past events from China and Asia is and was from the news and various sources online. Nonetheless, I feel that China is rising to the point that certain countries — found themselves to be suspicious of China — feel very uncomfortable.  This means these countries have two choices.  Perhaps, they either decide to go against China in International geopolitical agenda, or they might just act really weak and be supportive to China so China won’t target them as potential enemies.

United States was the absolute world hegemonic power right after World War II, and now is still somewhat playing a role of a sole super power.  Nonetheless, China is rising to the point that can undermine United States’ sole super power status in all categories.  Especially, China’s economy is rising still and soon to overtake the United States as the biggest economy, it’s certain that United States will not welcome this phenomenon.

Countries around the world might slowly behind the scene find themselves busy in making a choice between being friend and foe to either United States or China.  Moreover, as United States is making Russia an enemy lately, China suddenly finds herself to have a very powerful ally which has a vast border with her.  After all, Russia needs China as a friend to amplify her influence on Europe.  Ukraine situation is quite clear in term of how Europe could not make an all out sanctions against Russia, because Europe not only depends on Russia’s energy but China’s economy also.  Nonetheless, whether China will be Russia’s instrument of containing Europe or not, it’s clear that with China as a friend Russia has more global clout than otherwise.

As United States is undoubtedly competing against China and Russia on many fronts.  With Russia, the United States might compete head to head on energy front.  With China, United States is competing in so many fronts since China is rising to replace United States as a most powerful force in the world.  Whether China would want to be a world hegemony or not, the outsiders will never know.  Nonetheless, one rising power is sure to clash against an established power unless either rising power and established power can make a compromise somehow.

Countries that are not as strong as the United States but very powerful on their own still might not want to make themselves a target by looking so powerful, because they fear that either the United States or China will target them for whatever reasons.  The world hierarchy system is an imperial one, because we got the super power and then the rest.  Just imagine the super power as a king, and the rest as officers and pawns.  Do you think officers and pawns want to stand out so much to the point of irritating the king?  Nonetheless, right now there are countries that irritate United States and please China, and there are countries that irritate China and please United States.  These countries are already picking side, and they may never be able to change side without serious consequences.

The future is bleak, because we are witnessing the two most powerful forces in the world that are at odd with each other.  Of course, these two forces can be friend or foe according to the leaders that are working for these two forces.  It’s easy to say that these two forces, United States and China, are so intertwined economically to a point that they will not want to make each other as an enemy.  It’s a lot harder for us to know if this is the case since the future is unknown.  Any small conflict can be the fuel to start a conflagration.

There are countries that do not want to see the United States and China work together so closely.  Imagine two most powerful forces in the world work as one, countries that are not viewed as favorable to either powerful force will be the targets for both most powerful forces in the world.  If United States and China are working against each other, certain countries can feel more secure for they could always find a friend in the world.  Moreover, the benefits for small countries are immense when the two giants are not thinking like one, because in the end the two giants act like two tigers that will exhaust themselves out, leaving the small cubs go unchecked.

The question is on everyone mind nowadays, will there be something so unfortunate that will start a war between United States and China?  Of course, nobody will know, because nobody knows the future.  Nonetheless, the trend is not looking very good, because the media of the United States and China are painting the other country as a potential enemy and not as a friend.  Meanwhile, around the world, smaller countries are assessing their standings between United States and China.

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” — by Albert Einstein

4 thoughts on “Will United States And China Go To War Against Each Other?

  1. I suspect that any war between the US and China in the next twenty years would look more like the Russo-Japanese War than WW II. Right now, China doesn’t have the navy to threaten mainland America. And the US realizes that a full-scale occupation of China would require a far greater effort than any American would want to expend. And nukes just aren’t an option; they’re suicide.

    The US Navy and Air Forces are preparing for a war that looks something like this: China seizes some islands. America responds with a coordinated land-sea attack that effectively destroys China’s small navy, forcing them back from any gains they made and perhaps depriving them of additional islands. China might be ale to inflict some great harm on American ships, but our navy is so much larger than any other navy in the world, that it would overwhelm Chinese efforts.

    But you never know how a small conflict could expand. Might North Korea take the opportunity of war between American and China to attack South Korea? The only thing that would allow North Korea to survive such a suicidal attack would be if China backed them up with food, fuel, and troops. America would surely respond with full force to such a development. How would Russia respond?

    • I don’t think people of the world should underestimate any conflict as time unfolds ahead, especially the conflicts between China and Japan, China and USA, USA and Russia, Russia and Ukraine, and so forth. Any conflict can start a full scale war that may just unfold into a whole big mess that might be worse than World War II. After all, I heard World War I was started by an event that should have not been started the World War I. The event was related to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in July of 1914 (according to Wikipedia). The World War I’s Archduke Franz assassination crisis is exactly 100 years ago. It sounds almost erie as if it’s an anniversary or something, but this isn’t a positive and constructive anniversary of course. This is why when things are heating up in the East or South China Sea, we the people of the world should be very worried.

      United States is downsizing her military and navy. China develops capabilities that far advance in denying United States’ aircraft carriers from conducting patrols near China’s mainland. China does have formidable submarines with capability of deploying nuclear weapons. If United States wants to invade China through ground force, it’s like a suicidal mission since China ground force is very capable.

      Russia is now investing in China, and so Russia’s intentions during China and United States conflict would be very suspicious. After all, if a country like China goes to war, she needs even more energy and so Russia can make huge money from energy by supplying China with even more energy for war. Nonetheless, during peace time I doubt China would want to totally rely on Russia for energy since that would lead to Russia’s control over China’s energy need.

      A war between United States and China will undoubtedly benefit Russia big time. Vice versa, a war between Russia and United States will undoubtedly benefits China big time, because China will get a close look of two powerful countries in modern time go at each other with a full scale war using conventional forces. This allows China to be even more prepare.

  2. Even if rationality would lead to exclude a potentially lethal conflict, international relations and diplomacy are anything but rational. Who knows, the casus belli could be the conflict of the Senkaku / Diaoyu. However, interesting article.

    • As Ukraine conflict has shown that the United States and Europe can only go as far as sanctioning Russia so far. What will happen if Russia invades Eastern Ukraine? I wonder how far United States and Europe will devise their objections against Russia if Russia indeed invades Eastern Ukraine. Ukraine situation will definitely be watching closely by China and Japan. After all, China and Japan has a conflict on Senkaku/Diaoyu in East China Sea. If the United States isn’t appropriately reacting to Ukraine and let Russia to come out of this conflict as victorious, Japan will definitely feel their China’s conflict will be overwhelming.

      I suspect whatever the result might be for Ukraine conflict, Japan will be in a very bad situation since powers such as United States and China will not go head to head anytime soon. Nonetheless, if Ukraine situation turns out to be favorable for the United States, Japan will have a false sense of security that their quarrel against China is contained.

      China is a rising power, and so China will behave as a rising power. Japan is so close to China, and so whatever Japan does will definitely either pleasing or irritate China in a big way. Senkaku/Diaoyu is important to Japan, because it allows a small island as Japan to claim even more ocean space in East China Sea. Nonetheless, if Japan isn’t careful, they might have to face something even worse than just losing Senkaku. I suspect China may bet that the United States will not go as far as declare war on China, because China is a nuclear state/power with a much stronger conventional military power than ever before since their modern history. As China is getting much more powerful and if the United States isn’t growing stronger, I suspect Senkaku will be Diaoyu as Hong Kong was a former British colony but now is a part of China. Besides rich fishing resource and energy resources, Senkaku/Diaoyu is important to China in strategically manner (I think). After all, I think China wants to create enough ocean buffer zone to defend China’s mainland and expand military power to protect shipping routes and so on.

      With so many things that were once peaceful are now looking to be on the border of conflicts, I fear the future is not looking very peaceful for all. Not taking side here, but I think China and the United States need to be friend and not enemy. With the two most powerful forces on the world work together, things will get to be done more easily and peace can be attained.

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