A Bloody Feast (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I had written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • With the eyes of a beast,
  • eyeing a prey,
  • creeping toward a feast,
  • final moment fell upon a prey.
  • Bloody feast it was,
  • but it was just another hunt.
  • Bloody feast it was,
  • reinvigorating for another fun.
  • The hunter must hunt,
  • so there will be another feast.
  • The prey must run,
  • to escape from the belly of the beast.
  • Came a day the beast got too old,
  • could not run to make hunts meet.
  • Weakened old beast had gone cold,
  • became another corpse for prey’s ends meet.
  • A cycle of predator and prey,
  • would last until the end of time.
  • Animalistic they,
  • found their way from the inception of time.
  • Thus it would be hard to see,
  • the end of such a vicious cycle.
  • Should I question thee,
  • that thou be the way thou title?
  • How could I demand thee to not feast?
  • After all, I too had to hunt,
  • so I could have a feast.
  • Albeit, I had not done it for fun!
  • Perhaps, I could feast on grass,
  • so my prey could live,
  • but I could become grass,
  • and would not be able to make a beep.
  • Thus I could not stop thee,
  • from being what thou had become.
  • As long thou had not bothered me,
  • I could care less where thee had come from.
  • In the end the hunter must make hunts meet,
  • could not allow the prey to flight.
  • Failing to make hunts meet,
  • the hunter might not see another night.

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