Batman: Arkham Origins Gameplay Episode 01

Yesterday, the video game “Batman:  Arkham Origins,” PC version, just came out on Steam.  I bought it without thinking twice.  Somewhat regretting afterward since I hate buying new release games, because new release games usually come with hefty price tags.  Plus Steam usually goes on sale a lot!  So the obvious thing to do for me is to wait for Steam to go on sale and grab the games that I think I like to play most.  In the case of “Batman:  Arkham Origins,” I got impatient since I was a big fan of Batman in my childhood and teen days.  I was eager to see how awesome this title would be.  I have to say, the game isn’t a complete disappointment.  I had only played it for 30 minutes or so, and so I couldn’t say how much I would like it or hate it with certainty.  Nonetheless, the first 30 minutes or so wasn’t boring, but it was not as exciting as I would have like.

The combat of this game is limited but fluid.  For some strange reasons that I can’t explain, I’m not that impress with the graphics of this game.  Before the game got released, I thought that this game would have way better graphics.  Nonetheless, comparing this one to the previous Batman’s title, “Batman:  Arkham City,” the graphics for this one might just be a tad better.  I remembered I adored the graphics and the gameplay of “Batman:  Arkham City.”  Perhaps, from what I had seen with “Batman:  Arkham City” that had me overexcited about “Batman:  Arkham Origins.”  In this very title, “Batman:  Arkham Origins,” I got so annoyed whenever I saw the contrast of the characters’ robotic facial expressions and their animated lips.  This contrast revealed the oddity of the unnatural facial expressions, furthermore proving how inhuman-like these game characters at time could be.  Obviously, a game is a game, it’s not supposed to be real, but isn’t the whole goal of Batman is to make fantasy acceptable and human-like?  Well, at least that is how I see it.  Check out Batman:  Arkham Origins gameplay episode 01 right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Side Note:  Whoever is using older Nvidia driver for Nvidia graphic card, whatever model that would be, you might experience crashes when playing “Batman:  Arkham Origins.”  I suggest you go to Nvidia’s official website and download the latest Nvidia driver for your Nvidia graphic card.  This had helped me from seeing crashes when playing “Batman:  Arkham Origins.”

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