Scribbling Away In Nano Seconds

Just something I wrote as poetry today.  Enjoy!!!

  • We had scribed away since the dawn of humankind time
  • Whether we had scribed in pictographs or whatever
  • The specifics had not mattered much
  • Thanks to primitive scribble we had rich ancient civilizations
  • Once primitive scribbles were scribed on primitive materials
  • Spreading knowledge of the past far and wide and through time
  • Nonetheless, the spread of primitive scribbles was painfully slow
  • Scribbled away one primitive article at a time
  • Luckily came along a printing press
  • Us human then could spread knowledge even faster
  • Scribbled away the more modern scribbles many at a time
  • Thus we had built richer civilizations
  • Now we had a revelation
  • Who could have thought such primitive scribbles could go digital
  • In a second we now can scribble for billions of humans
  • Our richest yet civilizations allow scribbles to travel the seas in nano seconds
  • So scribble away you scribble you
  • Let us go on marrying our primitive scribbles with modern digital machines
  • So we can have today rumors and tomorrow news
  • Let us scribble our knowledge away in nano seconds

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