Microsoft Revealed Xbox One

English: A black "Elite" Xbox 360 co...

English: A black “Elite” Xbox 360 console by Microsoft. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Microsoft announced the new Xbox console as Xbox One.  I think Xbox One will definitely be a worthy adversary to PS4.  Now, after seeing some details of Xbox One, I can’t wait to see what PS4 will bring to the game.  Xbox One and Ps4 will definitely give more life to the console market.  How come?  What people forget is that consoles, although have became the computers, are not providing the experience that the computers are providing.  How come?  Consoles are cheaper than most computers, and they are there to provide a complete experience; unique experience that comes in a single package.  Computers can do the same, but computers are more expensive.  Computers give more freedom to users when it comes down to choose what sort experience the users want to have, but it does require the users to think for themselves.  For an example, users can use computers for entertainment and work, or they can combine all experiences into one, but these customization of experiences require users to make choices and sometimes build the machines themselves.  Console on the other hand is uniquely made to provide a unique experience.  This is why I think people will go on to show support for consoles even though the line between consoles and computers is getting more blur each day.  Anyhow, check out the Xbox One in details by watching the playlist of the Xbox One videos right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Revealed Xbox One

    • To tell the truth, I’m not sure at the moment. At the moment, I have both Xbox 360 and PS3. I fear it will be a repeat of this behavior for me, that’s getting both. Nonetheless, it will be very expensive for me. This is why I think I might have to look closer at both platforms of console this time so I can just choose the one I like most. Unlike before, now I’m more interested in having a console platform that is ease to play game, have good game, can act as an entertainment hub for family, and more. So, best graphic alone won’t cut it. Before, I chose PS3 first over Xbox 360 for better graphic reason. Later, I bought Xbox 360 for its Kinect capability. Nonetheless, now I know better, because I can always get better game graphic on computer anyhow. I think if Xbox One is going to be better at a living room entertainment hub, then I might go for it than PS4. Like I said earlier, at this moment, it’s too early for me to think that I should lean toward one Xbox One or PS4 since both of them are just too illusive at the moment.

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