Craziest Idea Of The Day: Hiding Behind A Lifeless Planet Illusion To Evade A Possible Alien Attack

Planets from Venus up to Uranus have diameters...

Planets from Venus up to Uranus have diameters from ten to one hundred million metres. Top row: Uranus (left), Neptune (right); middle row: Earth (left), Sirius B (center), and Venus (right), to scale. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes, craziest idea ever would pop into my tiny brain, and no matter how crazy it was I would say wow and would think about sharing it.  Here is one for the day.  Perhaps, one day we might be invaded by the aliens, therefore we should come up with technology that projects earth as a lifeless planet so the aliens would prefer to pass us by for a prettier planet.  Of course, there is no guarantee as alien technology might be able to penetrate all of our illusions.  If the aliens will be real (or are real) and whatever they want to do that might not be so friendly, should we be hiding behind an illusion only?  Of course, such a question is so out of this world, I might be long long gone before several millennia later that someone would even think about asking this question again for real.  Perhaps, never ever such a question will ever have any merit since our universe, alone, is so vast that it is just mind boggling to think one intelligent planet can find another let alone travelling to it.  Nonetheless, whether this question is belonging to science fiction realm or not, I think it’s rather cool just to think of it… so there it is…

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