Bitcasa To Compete Against Dropbox

Dropbox has proved to everyone that there is a huge market for cloud services.  Nonetheless, not all cloud services are endearing by users, because some cloud services are just too troublesome and having a learning curve that only geeks would appreciate.  Dropbox on the other hand has proved to be simple to use, and it stays out of sight so the users don’t really have to bother with it unless it’s necessary to be reminded of it, just like how a real hard drive works.  Unfortunately, Dropbox’s free account only gives users 2 GB of cloud space, and so users who do want larger cloud space are going to have to pay.  Cheapest plan for Dropbox is $10/month for 50 GB of cloud space.  Although it’s quite affordable, but many users know that 50 GB isn’t enough for nowadays considering media files such as video clips can fill up 50 GB of cloud space in no time.

As users have to pay somewhat a high amount of money per month to sustain a huge cloud space such as Dropbox service, Bitcasa sieges the opportunity and offers users unlimited cloud space for $10/month.  This puts Bitcasa in a straight path of competition against Dropbox.  Mozy is another cloud service that had ended its unlimited cloud space since it was too expensive for Mozy to continue to offer such a deal.  So, we have to wonder how on earth would Bitcasa think it could offer such a sweet deal (i.e., unlimited cloud space for $10/month).

According to’s article “How to make your hard drive infinite,” Bitcasa aims to use special algorithm that preserves one file for duplicate files across its cloud service.  By using this very algorithm, Bitcasa can free up used cloud space to hold even more data.  As for now, Bitcasa is only compatible with Apple’s products such as Macbook Pro, but Windows users will be able to use Bitcasa soon.  Hopefully, Bitcasa will also keep Linux users in mind.

Although Bitcasa’s offer of $10/month for unlimited cloud space is a deal that cannot be refused for those hardcore cloud service users, but I think many more people will still think twice about getting on Bitcasa bandwagon.  Why?  Data are personal, and so some people refuse to use any cloud service in serious manners.  Therefore, I think most people will save the data that they do not care about much onto cloud service, and they will store serious data onto local hard drives.  This makes one wonder will Bitcasa be able to thrive with its proposal!


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