IBM Thinks Artificial Intelligence

IBM’s researchers and other collaborators are burrowing themselves deeper in the realm of artificial intelligence.  Knowing how a human brain works is the key for these folks.  They think that human brain is so capable in articulating things that aren’t necessarily showing clear distinction.  Furthermore, albeit that a human brain can be slowed at times, but from being able to piecing everything together so nicely that actions can be dictated in split seconds or even faster; a human brain allows humans to do thing that aren’t plausible and possible for robots and machines.

IBM researchers think that by designing computer chips to behave similarly to human brains physically and mentally might allow them to create something that resembles as something we love to call artificial intelligence.  Researchers know that computers can move larger data with faster speed than any human brain, but speed isn’t the key to artificial intelligence.  Imagine when a robot that has artificial intelligence can cohesively make sense of things as well as any human brain, but this very robot can also process whatever multiple times faster than any human brain — it prompts some scary thoughts, isn’t it?

‪SyNAPSE: IBM Cognitive Computing Project – Brain vs. Computer‬

‪SyNAPSE: IBM Cognitive Computing Project – Software‬



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