Touchscreen Devices Are Modern In Popularity Only

While watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, I couldn’t hep but noticed that there were touchscreen devices in the show.  Of course, some of us nowadays would not know or would not remember when touchscreen was invented.  So, many of us or some of us are assuming touchscreen devices are the stuffs of today.  Unfortunately, in fact, even before the time of Star Trek: The Next Generation show, touchscreen was invented already.  In fact, the technology was used for businesses in the late 70s and onward, I think!

According to, the first true touchscreen device was invented in 1977 by Sam Hurst and Elographics which had transparent surface.  With that piece of information, I’m truly sure now that touchscreen devices weren’t modern!  Touchscreen devices got the modern feels thanked to Apple, because Apple released everything touchscreen smart phone which known as iPhone in 2007.  Acknowledged that we had seen Microsoft brought touchscreen to the market before Apple, but Microsoft did not deserve to be credited with the fast growing popularity of touchscreen devices.  Apple’s iPhone had done the trick!

Nowadays, we see more touchscreen devices than ever before, and some of us unknowingly think that the technology is rather new.  Perhaps, I’m one of them, too!  Anyhow, the truth is that touchscreen isn’t new, but it’s rather more relevant to many of us today than our parents’ time.  With that said, let me go back to my Star Trek show!  Beaming out…

Update:  I dug around the Internet after I finished my first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and I stumbled onto a cool article on which mentioned of Pascal vd Heiden’s Star Trek touchscreen graphical user interface design on a custom touchscreen monitor/device.  You can watch the video of this right after the break:


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