Printing Online With FedEx Print Online

Has a broken printer?  Need to print something quick, but can’t?  In my case, I’ve working printers (i.e., more than one), but I refused to buy more inks or toners, because the inks and toners are more expensive than the printers I’d bought before.  So, what a person supposes to do to have his or her stuffs to be printed?

I think FedEx Office Print Online is genius!  I’m sure there probably are other online printing services out there, but I prefer FedEx since its Kinko’s physical locations can be found near my place.  Anyhow, it’s easy to sign up for an account with FedEx Office Print Online, and then it allows you to download a printer driver onto your Windows PC.  After installing the printer driver (i.e., software), it’s pretty much smooth sailing from there.

By filling out correct information in your account’s profile, and whenever you need to print something on your computer, just choose a print icon in your application (i.e., Microsoft Office), choose FedEx Office Printer as the printer, and print your documents away.  I think FedEx Office Printer will log you into your account, and then you have to add your documents into a shopping cart before you can order them to be printed.  You get to choose a location nearby so you can pick up your documents.

If you’re being lazy, you can incur a larger fee by allowing FedEx to mail the documents to you.  Don’t forget to customize the printing options for your documents, because you can lower the printing fees a lot by using normal type of papers and normal ink (i.e., not laser) and printing in black (i.e., print without color) and so on.  Unfortunately, FedEx won’t print anything for you unless your order is above $1.

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