Connecting To Windows 7 Using iPad 2

There are couple ways you can access Windows 7 with your iPad 2.  The genuine way is to install any app on Apple’s App Store that allows you to use the remote desktop connection (i.e., RDP) so you can connect to your Windows 7 from iPad 2.  Of course, you also have to make sure that Windows 7 computer of yours is allowing remote desktop connection.  To allow remote connection on Windows 7, right click on Computer icon and choose Properties, and finally check the box that says Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer.  Vice versa, to ensure better security for your Windows 7 computer, you need to disable the box that says Allow Remote Assistance connection to this computer.  Anyhow, the non-genuine way requires you to spend some extra cash such as buying a virtualization software (e.g., VMware, Parallel), and then installing a specific virtual view app on iPad 2 to connect to a virtual version of Windows 7.  For an example, you can use VMware to create a virtual machine for Windows 7, and then use VMware View app to connect to Windows 7 (i.e., virtual machine).  Check out a video on someone had his iPad 2 connected to Windows 7 running on a virtual machine inside VMware right after the break.

I’m not sure if you can use VMware View app on iPad 2 to connect to a real Windows 7 machine (i.e., not a virtual machine), but you can try and let me know how that goes.

For your information:  In case you don’t know, you might have to port forwarding the RDP (i.e., remote desktop protocol) port such as port 3389.  How to do this?  I don’t have specific tutorial for you since each router has different settings and so on.  You need to read your router’s manual.  In general though, it usually requires you to log into your router’s setting page (e.g., for Linksys), go to firewall section, and add a port number for port forwarding.


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