The Story Of Linux!

From 1991 to now (2011), Linux has been exploding still…  Imagine Linux as Microsoft, it probably be billions more wealthier than Microsoft in dollars.  Well, fortunately, us common folks have luck on our side as Linux has a GPL license where everyone is free to use it.  Even better, anyone can use Linux to power a business and commercialize Linux itself.  Don’t be surprised when you see that someone in Rolex watch, drinking pina colada on a yacht, and yet that someone is using Linux to power his or her business.  Linux boasts that it’s now 95% on all super computers.  How about, so many mobile gadgets are now using all types of derivative versions of Linux?  Speaking of that, Android anyone?  Oh, even Windows users have to use Linux no matter what, because they are surfing the Internet.  Most likely, the servers that Windows users request data from the Internet are powering by Linux — thanks to the powerful combination of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, and everyone can use these for FREE).

To commemorate 20 years of Linux explosion, Linux Foundation releases a fun video describing how it got here today.  Linux got its popular beginning thanked to Linus Torvalds.  According to the video below this post, he who now is orchestrating Linux Foundation from his home office.

One more thing, Ubuntu makes Linux desktop popular!


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