Rumor Or Not, Apple May Release New Line Of MacBook Pros In Next Two Weeks

Rumor or not, according to here, Apple will release new line of MacBook Pros in the next two weeks.  They say that the new MacBook Pros will have larger trackpads.  I’m not sure how that is a good thing since the current MacBook Pros’ trackpads are adequately large — large enough where your palm smudges all over the trackpad.  They also say that the new MacBook Pros may have two separate hard drives where a smaller one will be solid state drive, and the bigger one will be the regular hard drive.  With this dual hard drive setup, they hope MacBook Pro can be even faster.  As least the operating system can be faster since Apple OS X can be installed on the faster solid state drive.

Folks, save your money and wait for the new Apple MacBook Pros!  Even the rumor is wrong about Apple will release the next line of MacBook Pros in next two week, I’ve a feeling that Apple will release them soon anyway.  Especially, the new line of MacBook Pros will have those new Sandy Bridge processors in them.  Just hope the new MacBook Pros are not going to use the faulty Sandy Bridge processors, the ones where Intel had to recall just recently.  I think Apple should make it clear about that when they release new MacBook Pros, because nobody wants to own something faulty.


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