Almost Threw Away $10,000 iTunes Gift Card As A Mom Hung Up On Apple

It’s hard to blame a mom who try to outfox telemarketers everyday, because I’m too fiercely abhorred them.  Talking about being harassed by dozen of phone calls per day.  Anyway, this mom who is now popular as she had hung up on the legitimate phone call from Apple in regard of her winning $10,000 iTunes gift card, because Apple had announced that it will award $10,000 iTunes gift card to whoever downloads the 10 billionth app.  Gail Davis hung up on the phone call made by Apple as she thought it was just another telemarketer or prank call.  Her daughters were about to put up a war with her as they seriously knew it was a real call from Apple.  Imagine to not have $10,000 to spend on iTunes even though it’s clearly your would be an absurdity.  Apple’s executive made sure these folks got their present, and so he called the family back.  The happy ending made the family $10,000 richer, that’s if they use the award on iTunes.  At the same time, the daughters of the family have made Paper Glider app even more well known for this app now bears the title of App Store’s 10 billionth app.


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