RSF Datacenter Wows You With Ingenious Cost Cutting Modern Datacenter Innovations

Energy Smart Data Center

Energy Smart Data Center (Photo credit: EMSL)

Have you ever wondered how it’s possible for Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Ebay, Facebook, and so many other big Internet companies out there to handle so much data and at what costs?  Average Joe like me thinks such behind the scene, almost unseemly unlimited amount of data handling feat is totally awesome.  We don’t see the intensity and the huge costs of planning and money that have to be poured into the handling of so much Internet traffics and data by each big, Internet company each day.  The obvious answer to the question how these major, Internet companies cope with almost unseemly unlimited amount of digital data is their use of the latest and the best datacenters.

Why the use of the latest and the best datacenters matter for these humongous, Internet companies?  Well, it’s obvious that as each passing day, the folks who have to maintain datacenters on regular basis notice the huge costs of maintaining the datacenters, and so they want to rely on the latest and the best datacenters if they can to cut down the ongoing costs of maintaining the datacenters (i.e., it’s profitable in the long run by saving costs now).  Three most expensive and obvious costs for maintaining datacenters are cooling, power, and equipment.

Cooling a datacenter through the airconditioning would be too costly, but this had been done with the old types of datacenters.  The old types of datacenters would also use power inefficiently as these datacenters were not designed to utilize green technology (e.g., solar energy, energy efficient equipments, etc…), thus incrementing the power cost tremendously.  Also, back in the days, datacenter folks did not take virtualization as a serious technology, therefore they missed the chance of cutting power and equipment costs — making them had to use more power hungry servers and power than necessary.

It was an eyeopening for me to see how modern datacenters actually run things, because the modern datacenters are designed to account for the efficiencies of cooling, power, and equipment, consequently cutting down the costs of maintaining the datacenters by lightyear.  It was the RSF Data Center Tour YouTube video below which had me go “wow” on how modern datacenters are designed.  Obviously, the big Internet companies not necessarily have and use the same datacenter blueprint (i.e., design plan) as the RSF Data Center, but RSF Data Center is modern enough to be used as an eyeopening for us all in regarding to how modern datacenters work.

Nonetheless, you might ask “But what is with the datacenter talk?”  Personally, I think by understanding how things actually work at datacenters, I feel that I can appreciate more at how everything works in regarding to all things digital.  I never have thought that datacenters can be operated at less costs but with more efficiency by utilizing virtualization more; it makes me appreciate virtualization even more.

Sure, The Wheel Might Have The Invention Of The Axle In 3500 B.C. To Thank For Its Debut, But Could The Wheel Have Been Created Way Before But Was Forgotten?


Wheel (Photo credit: Ian Muttoo)

OK, I admit that I had not finished the whole Yahoo’s article Why It Took So Long to Invent the Wheel, but I’m already typing away these few words and more words will come soon to complete this blog post.  I think I made it to the fifth paragraph.  Anyhow, I will finish the article, but now let me dabble on with this blog post.

Sure, it might be the ingenious of the axle that had finally allowed people to come up with a something to be used with real wheels in 3500 B.C., but perhaps we might overlook the fact that humans had always ignored the inventions over and over again until somebody decidedly think it was time to use such inventions.  My theory has not a fact to back its merit, but I philosophically surmise that perhaps the wheel might have been invented way before 3500 B.C., because humans might have forgotten about the wheel inventions that came before the one we thought was the first wheel invention.

Just take a look at nowadays, I bet there are countless inventions that are buried away for various reasons.  Perhaps, the market has not yet an interest in these inventions.  Perhaps, the inventors cannot release their inventions due to budget constraints.  Perhaps, the inventors are being held back by patent threats.  Perhaps, inventions are burying away for no reason just so these inventions can make a comeback in the future.  Perhaps, these newer inventions will be forgotten and some future-reinvented-the-wheel kind of inventions will be hailed as the first of something.

In conclusion, I might be off the mark by a lightyear, or I might be so dead on that nobody can even prove its true story, that’s the story of how the wheel got invented in the first place.  How is that for a bold blog post?  Anyhow, my believe is that the wheel could have been invented way before the one we knew about in 3500 B.C., if the date of the wheel invention is correctly traced back that far!


Yahoo And ABC News Partners Up Long Term, Delivering First Collaborative Project As In Interviewing President Obama At 2:35 PM ET

ABC News is a traditional news company that yearns for an evolution so it won’t be left behind in the brave new world as we know it as the world wide web.  Yahoo on the other hand was among the coolest Web 1.0 startups, and now it has become Web 2.0 giant among giants of Web 2.0; unfortunately, Yahoo has been on a decline in terms of innovation and bottom line.  The two have decided to team up together to improve themselves in terms of coolness, relevancy, innovation and bottom line.  According to Forbes, Yahoo provides reach and ABC News provide contents — I guess both have to work on coolness and the rest!

Right after their announcement of partnership, Yahoo and ABC News announce that they will host an interview with president Obama which will make to be available on the websites of Yahoo News and ABC News.  The program will air at 2:35 PM ET.  You can actually submit questions that you want to ask of president Obama to Yahoo right now.  Yahoo will pick appropriate questions to ask president Obama when the show goes live.

What your opinion on Yahoo-ABC News partnership?  Do you think they will bring coolness to the next level?  Will these two will be able to become more relevant as Web 2.0 goes away gradually and Web 3.0 arrives meticulously?

Curious about Web 3.0?  I find article “How Web 3.0 Will Work” to be interesting, because I believe that the line between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 is rather blurry unless there will be innovations that surely define what is and what is not makes Web 2.0 and Web 3.0.  Of course, you can also care not for labels, and just say it is now that is more interesting than ever.

So, instead each tries to proceed with one’s own evolution, each has decided to join force and start a revolution together!  In conclusion, it will be interesting to see how Yahoo and ABC News work together.  Unfortunately, there is one looming rumor that may worry Yahoo users, and the rumor is about how Jack Ma, the founder and CEO of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, wants to buy the whole Yahoo.  If the rumor is true and if the event has the potential to be fully realized, it will be even more interesting to see how ABC News will cope with such change.


Yahoo Isn’t Compatible With Opera Mini 6 On iPad 2!

Opera Mini 6 on iPad 2 isn’t showing Yahoo’s website correctly!  The funny thing is that this browser shows all other websites correctly and beautifully.  It must be Yahoo has ignored of implementing a compatibility version of its website for Opera Mini 6.  Anyhow, using Opera Mini 6 today and surf Yahoo, you will see a huge white page with few rows and non-clickable words (i.e., very few words).  Switch over to Safari and other browsers and surf on Yahoo, you will see Yahoo switches you to a tablet version of its website that looks extremely enticing on iPad 2.  Do you experience the same thing as I before today or on this day in regarding of Yahoo and Opera Mini 6?  (FYI:  This happens to the default settings of Opera Mini 6).

Technology Forces Marketers Change Their Ways

Technology is moving too fast nowadays.  I still remember only nine years ago or so, I walked into Best Buy and was greeted with those huge bulky TVs that were no less heavier than huge cabinets.  Nowadays, such a scene is never to be seen again.  Then again, today scene won’t be the same within a year or two, right?  I don’t even have to leave my house to see that the technological world is spinning ever faster.  In my garage, five to seven VCR and DVD players stacked on top of each other, collecting dust.  Why should I use them when nowadays I stream more than pop in a DVD or CD.  I blame Netflix!

Fast technological world arms people with so many mobile devices of all types to a point that everyone can reach out to another almost instantly in many cool ways.  FaceTime anyone?  Even Yahoo is releasing new instant messenger for iPad 2 so people can do video and voice chat.  In a hyper technological world, marketers know they are facing new challenges.  Before, they didn’t have to worry about unimportant elements in their whole grand equation of marketing such as customers’ blogs and viral videos and so on.  In fact, they were more worried of the flow of their distribution and the connections that they made with various mainstream networks such as a TV network and so on.  Nowadays, almost everyone has the power to go viral anytime.  Twitter is one of those perfect place for such things to happen.  How about YouTube?  Oh, can’t just end this paragraph without mentioning Facebook.

When everyone has the power to go viral anytime and words of mouth are spreading ever faster through unconventional ways (e.g., Twitter, FaceBook, etc…), the whole modern scenario of today creates a puzzle that is hard to grasp for many marketers.  Should they stay with their conventional ways and risk of being drowned out by this new world?  Should they throw themselves into social network environment even though they know nothing can be well planned out in this kind of environment?  How would they enhance their role as marketers in a world where technology plays evermore important role in determining the flow of their distribution?

Perhaps, everything social is overhyped, but even if it isn’t overly hyped, one can still see its power!  Someone had opened up the Pandora’s box of social networking, and now marketers are scrambling to figure out how to maximize the potential of its power.  Furthermore, nobody knows for sure what will be of social networking four or five years from now.  Social networking might die out way before 2015 is up, or it might become the new de facto hub where marketers have to rely on to produce marketing results.

In the video below, Yahoo’s chief strategy and innovation officer expresses his opinions and visions on marketing of today and into the future.

Excuse Me, Can I Inject Apple vs Orange Wishful Thinking?

So, Yahoo fights back against other giants by promising better email service for users. Some people claimed Yahoo saw email users were valuable in a way that once they had logged into their email accounts, they tended to have surfed more of other Yahoo’s services since there was no need for subsequent logins. I see Yahoo is trying to resuscitate its reputation of being a giant Internet company or at the least showing the world that Yahoo still cares about everything progress. Unfortunately, I don’t see better email service will help Yahoo in anyway, but at the least Yahoo will reassure users that Yahoo got games, still. I’m sure this will also reassure some of Yahoo’s partners and business customers.

Should I say email is outdated? Not really, in fact I believe email will morph as a part of something way cooler in the future. Unfortunately, I can only see either one or two biggest giants will be able to deliver something like that. What am I talking about? Well, it is an educated guess of mine that in the future, people more likely to have a personal avatar on the web from the most popular Internet company that will be able to melt all features together as one. Such features probably will be everything Facebook and Twitter and everything else. How email fits in? Email probably will function like instant messenger, but for your eyes only and will last as long as email messages. After all, Twitter like feature is more fitting for getting scoff at or scoffing at someone else’s short message of the day.

Perhaps, even better, everything will become traits of a personal avatar. Such personal avatar can become really personal as it will follow you everywhere. Let say, you go into a retail store to buy some clothes, you will interact with some electronic devices that will be able to summon your personal avatar to help you shop. In a way, this toonish personal avatar may be intelligent enough to understand what is best for you; according to your personal preference, this avatar helps you make decisions on almost anything. This personal avatar doesn’t have to be toonish, because it can transform itself into 3D, or perhaps it will pilot a robot body when it has to. It can then ghostly possess your car on your demands to help you navigate away to your favorite destinations. Basically, it helps you from social networking to doing everyday things without standing out like a sore thumb.

Perhaps, the idea of better email service has no longer had that attractive power like it once used to be. We can no longer be impressed with something simple and powerful as email, because we live in a fragmented and messy web. I think it is more meaningful to collectively bring together everything web which has its elegant ways of interacting with us humans — truly making humans more productive and less wasting time in immersing with just a tool or an elegant/personal avatar. Did I forgot, this personal avatar of yours not only can help you do email and hosts of other things, but it may be able to combat computer virus too? Come on, it’s a soul of everything web. To put it in another manner, it’s only software, and we know software can be so innovative to a point of the sky is the limit.

In conclusion, it is good to know Yahoo is upgrading its email system again. Yahoo users will be able to enjoy better email service. Perhaps, people who had left Yahoo’s email service for Google or another may venture back to Yahoo’s email service again after the upgrade. Just that I think email is no longer the ultimate flavor, because everything web has too much to offer. In fact the web is one heck of a maze, but if we can collectively harness the web in a more elegant way such as having a personal avatar which represents you to the web and represents the web to you and represent everything else that has to do with electronic and software and lifestyle to you and you only, isn’t this way more beautiful than just a fragmented web and gadgets and so on? Yes, it represents you to other email users, and vice versa.